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Module 1 (Continued)

Applying for Admission (Step 1)

Online Orientation (Step 2)

You are here! After you complete this online orientation you would need to take your assessment.

Assessment (Step 3)

If you have not already taken the math and English assessment, it is required you do so. You can schedule an appointment by going to the Assessment Center website.

The assessment is used along with other information to help you get off to a successful start at Diablo Valley College. It is a vital tool in determining the most appropriate courses for you to begin your college career at DVC. The assessment test does not affect your admission to DVC in any way!

Counseling-095 (Step 4)

During the counseling and program planning portion of the matriculation you will learn about degree and transfer requirements and how to select courses. In addition, you will select courses, and develop an initial, two semester educational plan to help you meet your educational goals. If you need additional help with selecting classes, you may still meet with a counselor on an individual basis after the semester begins.

Registration (Step 5)

You can enroll in classes by visiting WebAdvisor on the Insite portal. Once you have enrolled in courses you will need to pay your fees, and show up for the first day of classes.

Note: You must have your username and password to register for classes.

Follow-Up Counseling Appointments (Step 6)

You are strongly encouraged to continue to meet with a counselor to keep your Student Educational Plan (SEP) current. With a counselor's assistance, you can be sure that you will stay on track for meeting your educational, personal, and career goals. If at anytime you need help clarifying your goals, please see a counselor for assistance. If your goals happen to change and you need to revise your SEP, schedule an appointment with a counselor as soon as possible. It is strongly recommended that you make an appointment with a counselor at least once a semester!




2.5% Orientation Complete

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