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Module 1 (Continued)

Additional information about step 6

Follow-up Counseling (Step 6)

You are strongly encouraged to continue to meet with a counselor to keep your Student Educational Plan (SEP) current. An SEP acts as a semester-by-semester map to show you all the courses that are required in order to complete whatever goal you set for yourself while you are at DVC.

With a counselor's assistance, you can be sure that you will stay on track for meeting your educational, personal, and career goals. If at anytime you need help clarifying your goals, please see a counselor for assistance. If your goals happen to change and you need to revise your SEP, schedule an appointment with a counselor as soon as possible.

It is very important that you meet with a counselor at least once per semester to ensure that your SEP remains accurate and up-to-date as requirements often change!

Below is an example of what a partial SEP might look like:

Partial Student Educational Plan example.  Fall 2013, Arabic 120, first term Arabic, 5 credits, Career 110, Career and Life Planning, 3 credits, History 120, History of the US before 1877, 3 credits, Math 120, Intermediate Algebra, 5 credits.  Spring 2014, Biological Sciences 102-1290, Fundamentals of Bio Sci with lab, 4 credits, Communications 120, Public speaking, 3 credits, English 98-1946, Intro to college writing, 3 credits, Music 110, Introduction to music lit, 3 credits.  Summer 2014, Psychology 215, Intro to research methods in psychology, 3 credits




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