DVC for your business

About DVC and the business community..

Economic development
In addition to providing strong occupational programs, Diablo Valley College supports the economic development of the region through its leadership in planning, its encouragement of partnerships for economic growth, and the provision of contract-based training to meet the needs of business and the community. The aim of the college's economic development efforts is to ensure that the region has the planning, development and training capacity necessary to attract and retain business, and to maintain the region's economic vitality.


Workforce development
In order to ensure a well-trained work force, the college provides a wide variety of career/technical education programs and general education courses designed to prepare students for new careers, career changes and career advancement. The college also provides students with access to the support services and career development services necessary to help them establish and fulfill educational plans appropriate to their career goals. The college's career/technical education programs are responsive to the changing needs of the business community and of the regional economy. The programs are focused not only on the educational needs of individuals but on the workforce development needs of the community
as well.

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