Recycling on Campus

recycling containers


The blue can is for paper ONLY. These have been placed in work spaces and classrooms for convenience. Food contaminates the paper so it is best to not place soda cans, bottles, or food containers in the blue cans.


Located in various areas around campus are the big brown containers. Volunteers take them to the curb where they are picked up by Allied Waste Services.

Allied Waste Services provides a commingled recycling program. 

What can go in the brown can?

All papers, aluminum cans, scrap metal, all colors of glass, empty plastic containers, water bottles, milk jugs. For a complete list of items than can go in the brown container, click here.

What cannot go in any can?

It is against the law to discard paint, automobile fluids, chemicals, pesticides, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, CFLs, needles & lancets, appliances, and electronics in your garbage or recycling receptacle. Please visit the Household Hazardous Waste page for disposal facilities for those items.


Diablo Valley College is a Styrofoam-free campus. Styrofoam does not breakdown easily and it releases chemicals when it gets wet that contaminates water that touches it thus contaminating the water supply. It cannot be easily recycled. All Styrofoam must be placed in the regular garbage containers.

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