WEPR 1.0 tutorials


Web Enabled Program Review (WEPR)
- Online Video Tutorials -

The following video tutorials are to help you use the new WEPR system.

Tutorials for IU Program Review Teams Comp Mobile

How to Login to WEPR.

Video Stream

Who can use WEPR?

Video  Stream

How to give Access to IUPR Team Members.

Video  Stream

How to ADD Comments in the WEPR online forms.

Video  Stream

How to EDIT an existing Comment in a WEPR online form.

Video Stream

How to access the U:drive via the Internet.

Video  Stream

How to get your IUPR 2010/2011 PDF & EXCEL files
from the U:drive via the Internet.

Video Stream
How to COPY & PASTE from your IUPR 2010/2011 EXCEL file to the WEPR form.

Video  Stream
How to determine the Data Source in a field on your WEPR form?

Video  Stream
How to Submit a Completed IU Program Review. Video  Stream
Tutorials for IUPR - Validation Teams    
How to view a WEPR for a different IU. Video  Stream
Tutorials for IUPR Data Entry Groups
- Instruction Office, Research Office, etc.
How to ENTER Data into Data Fields. Video  Stream
How to Input Help Text into the Help Dialogue Box. Video  Stream


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