College orientation and advising
Orientation and advising 

The formal college orientation at DVC is delivered through Counseling 095 or Counseling 096 for student athletes. These courses consist of two separate three-hour class sessions or one all-day six hour Saturday session. The class is taught by a counselor who provides information about DVC academic and vocational programs, special programs, support services, and career opportunities. The counselor also discusses general education patterns and transfer requirements, degree and certificate requirements, grading, and add/drop policies.

The orientation is the opportunity for new college students to meet with a counselor individually or in small groups and gain the academic counseling required to effectively plan their first-term courses and to begin working on a larger educational plan. The student and counselor review the student's goals, prior course work, assessment test results, and college support services that might be helpful to students. To find and register for a Counseling 095 or 096 course visit Web Advisor.

Students are required to purchase a college catalog and course schedule ($10.00) for the Counseling 095 or Counseling 096 class. Purchase your required text at the Pleasant Hill or San Ramon Book Centers before the start of class.

Students are encouraged to check on their progress toward their goals by then meeting with a counselor each subsequent semester. For further information, see the Counseling website.


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