Why College Today?

College Today 

College Today is perfect for students who are interested in:

  • applying directly from high school to a four-year college or university,
  • attending DVC and then transferring to a four-year college or university,
  • enrolling in DVC career/technical programs not available in high school.


Why College Today?

Get a jumpstart on your college education for only $1 per unit compared to high school graduates who pay approximately:

*$46 /semester unit - community college

*$136/semester unit - CSU

*$282/semester unit - UC

* based on 12 units per semester.

Cost are subject to change by the State Legislature.


College Today students can:

  • explore academic levels not taught in high school,
  • earn high school honors credit for college courses,**
  • discover a new academic interest,
  • save hundreds of dollars in college tuition,
  • take a class online to accommodate busy schedules - www.dvc.edu/online,
  • take classes at several convenient locations.

    ** High school policies vary; please check with your high school administration.
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