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Admission deadlines:


Please note that application deadline for spring 2014 is now November 1.  
Application deadline for fall 2014 will be June 1. 

Fall 2014 semester:   June  1  for all applicants; program start date in August
Spring 2014 semester:  November 1 for all applicants; program start date in January
Bridge programs:    

For additional information on Bridge programs, please visit this website: 

Admission requirements:               

 Application  Transcripts
 Checklist High School Graduation
 SEVIS fee Transferring to DVC
 Student visa process Housing
 English proficiency  Orientation and check-in
 Fees Notice of acceptance

 Health insurance

ISAS Discretionary Calendar


Students must have a certain level of English proficiency to succeed at DVC. This requirement is usually fulfilled by submitting one of the following English proficiency tests:


IELTS - Academic test    5.5
ITEP 4 or above
IEC (International Education Center) Completion of Adv. B level certificate
ELS Centers

Completion of EAP Level 109 certificate



TOEFL institutional school code for DVC is 4295.

If you do not have the required English proficiency you may attend the intensive English language program offered through the International Education Center (IEC) at Diablo Valley College before attending DVC. You will be allowed to complete a high level at IEC or attempt to get your required TOEFL/IELTS  score while studying in their program. The contact information for IEC at DVC is the following:


International Education Center (IEC)
246 Golf Club Road
Pleasant Hill, CA  94523


E-mail:               Phone:    925-676-4600     
Web:         Fax:        925-676-4200

FEES                                              back to top

Tuition and enrollment fees will be collected in full at the time of registration.  International student tuition for the  2013-2014  academic year is currently $251 per unit.   The estimated costs for the  academic year are as follow:

  $ 6,024 Tuition and enrollment fees based on 12 units
  $ 9,900 Food and housing (based on home stay)
  $ 1,600 Books and other educational expenses
  $    900 Transportation
  $ 2,800 Miscellaneous and Personal
  $    876 Mandatory Insurance
  $22,100 Total Approximate cost for academic year

Tuition is subject to change
.   The bank statement must show this actual amount or more.

HEALTH INSURANCE                    back to top

There is an additional cost for insurance. This fee is part of your registration cost. The insurance coverage begins August 10 for the fall semester and January 10 for the spring term.  Continuing students who pay on time for the insurance will have continuous coverage.  Further information about this insurance is sent when admission to the college is complete.  Please click here for detailed information on insurance fees and coverage.

HEALTH CERTIFICATION             back to top

Although DVC does not require proof of immunizations, it is strongly recommended that all students planning on coming to the US to study receive all necessary vaccinations and are free of tuberculosis. Students should assure that they are healthy when they come to study in the United States.

TRANSCRIPTS                              back to top

To be admitted, students must have graduated from high school (or have attained a high school graduation equivalency) or be at least 18 years of age by the beginning of the entering semester. Official transcripts from high school are REQUIRED from applicants who do not reach 18 years of age at the beginning of the term. Submission of high school and college transcript is highly recommended for all students for possible academic requirement completion. 


Diablo Valley College does not offer a high school completion program. California State law clarifies that a student must be 18 years of age or a high school graduate by the time their first semester begins.

The minimum age to attend DVC as an international student is 16. However, a 16 year old must be considered a HIGH SCHOOL graduate.


Students who wish to enter DVC by completing the Cambridge O Levels or the IGCSE must be in an O Level or IGCSE CURRICULUM. They must also pass five of the IGCSE exams which must include English, Math, Social Studies, Mother Tongue (or second language), and one science class. We will not accept students who take these as independent or private candidates. We must see the examination results before we can admit students but we will accept preliminary results. Once the official results are available the student must submit those to the International Students Admissions and Services office.


Students who are applying from a high school in China who will not be 18 years of age when their first semester begins must complete the 12 year of high school study.

TRANSFERRING TO DVC                   back to top

If you are an international student with F1 status attending another school, college or university who wishes to transfer to DVC:

  1. You must submit a DVC international student application with all required documents before the deadline.
  2. We will let you know by e-mail the status of your application. You will later receive by mail an admit packet that will contain your letter of acceptance to DVC.
  3. You must follow the transfer out procedures at your current school in order for them to transfer your SEVIS record to DVC. Once we receive your SEVIS record we will be able to issue DVC I-20.


HOUSING                                      back to top

The DVC International Students Admission office (ISAS) will also assist students in finding appropriate accommodations on a non-guaranteed basis. These accommodations include apartments and rooms for rent. However the student is required to make their own connections and financial arrangements for the non-guaranteed housing possibilities. Housing information is mailed to the student in the acceptance packet.

The college does not have dormitory facilities. Guaranteed homestays are available for a fee. Please visit Diablo Valley Homestay for detailed information on the guaranteed housing option.  Please click here for detailed information on housing options.

ORIENTATION & F1 CHECK-IN SESSION          back to top

Upon acceptance the student will be provided information for beginning your studies.  It is very important that we have the student’s correct and personal email address in file at all times. 

The students will be doing the academic orientation ONLINE.  They are required to complete an assignment after the orientation and send that back to our academic counselor. Once the student has done the assignment, they will be given a registration date and time so that they can sign up for classes.

New international students are REQUIRED by law to “report” to the campus, therefore the students will need to attend the F-1 check-in session. These sessions are normally scheduled during the first two weeks before classes begin, and the information on how to register for one of these sessions is provided to the student in the orientation email.   If students do not attend the mandatory F-1 check-in they will be DROPPED FROM ALL CLASSES.


Acceptance packets will be issued and sent on a rolling basis as complete applications are received and processed.  Acceptance letters and admit packets will not be issued until the Application for Admission is complete. Please complete the Application Checklist indicating all completed documents sent and the date when incomplete or missing information will be provided. 


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