Furnished apartments


Rexidence Residential Services is offering a furnished apartment living option for students at Northridge and Brookside Apartments near DVC.   All apartments are within walking distance to DVC and are fully furnished.  All apartments are 2 bedrooms with your choice of a shared room or a private room. The apartment living option is not only affordable and close to campus, but it also provides students with the following:

  • Rent per month includes all utilities (water, garbage, internet, electricity)
  • Clean and furnished accommodations with apartment amenities such as a pools, exercise rooms, and laundry facilities
  • A multicultural living environment and social atmosphere
  • Guarantee of apartment based on availability with no hassles

For reservations or additional information, please visit Rexidence website:  www.rexidence.com  send e-mail info@rexidence.com   or call:  (415) 484 6040.

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