Accreditation Commendations

President's Message

February 5, 2009

Accreditation Commendations

We were focused earlier today on the results of the Accreditation letter; however, I also want to share with the DVC community the commendations, which do not appear in the letter from the Commission, but are in the final comprehensive evaluation report. There are three commendations to the College and four to the District.

If you would like to have copies of the Comprehensive Evaluation Report, the Special Report or the Commission's letter, please visit the following web site.

Commendation 1: The Student Support Services is commended for developing an ongoing, systematic, continuous quality improvement SLO process that has been updated annually for the last three years resulting in improved student learning as documented by evidence.

Commendation 2: The team commends the Associated Students of Diablo Valley College and the college student life program for having many student clubs that represent the diversity of the campus and for providing diversity training for students at interclub meetings.

Commendation 3: The Joint-Use Agreement in force at the San Ramon Educational Center involving the Contra Costa County Library System and the City of San Ramon is a commendable example of a collaboration serving the best interests of Diablo Valley College's students and the community.

District Commendations
Commendation 4: The district has achieved an admirable financial recovery which allowed the restoration of employee salaries and the creation of a prudent reserve.

Commendation 5: The district has successfully passed two capital construction bonds, in 2002 and 2006, totaling $406.5 million.

Commendation 6: The district has undertaken tangible efforts to share information and communicate on an ongoing basis with the district and college community through the Chancellor's Highlights, rotating campus office hours, the District Governance Council and other strategies.

Commendation 7: The district has launched a partnership with Chevron to improve energy efficiency at the colleges.


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