Accreditation update

President's Message

February 13, 2009

Accreditation Update

I want to update you with where we are with our response to the Accrediting Commission's letter dated February 3, 2009. On Thursday, February 12, we had a very informative meeting with the President of the Accrediting Commission, Dr Barbara Beno, who came to DVC to answer questions about the recommendations and eligibility requirements connected to our Show Cause status. The meeting was attended by 18 people representing all employee constituent groups.

On Friday, February 13, the accreditation oversight work group met to develop an action plan. Chancellor Helen Benjamin was present and informed the group that Richard Livingston, Senior Dean of Liberal Arts and Science, and Deborah Blue, Vice Chancellor of District-wide Planning and Educational Services, will be available as resource staff in view of their extensive experience with accreditation. The work group includes: Susan Lamb, John Baker, Laurie Lema, Jeanie Dewhurst (note taker), Deborah Blue, Chris Leivas, Jocelyn Iannucci, John Mullen, Ted Wieden, Mohamed Eisa, and Richard Livingston.

The work group established teams to address the individual recommendations and eligibility requirements. The teams will have representatives from each constituent group. Early next week we will send out details about the teams' composition, charge, and timelines.

Stay tuned.



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