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President's Message

February 19, 2009


"In a brilliant and clear sky
stars have many ways of shining"  Mary Anne Radmacher

I want to update everyone on the organizational structure we will be using in crafting our responses to the ACCJC recommendations. I also want to thank everyone for their hard work in putting this organizational structure in place. I am confident we can meet our goals.

First, is the operation committee, The DVC Accreditation Oversight Committee.  It is composed of Vice President and Accreditation Liaison Officer, Susan Lamb, Vice President of Student Services, John Baker; Vice President Finance and Administration, Chris Leivas; Academic Senate President, Laurie Lema; Classified Senate President, Jocelyn Iannucci; Interim Dean Instructional Support Services, John Mullen; Dean of Planning, Research and Student Outcomes, Mohamed Eisa; faculty member, Ted Wieden; President, Judy Walters; and note taker, Jeanie Dewhurst. Richard Livingston is the facilitator of this group; Deborah Blue is providing resource.

Reporting to the Oversight Committee are the following six college work groups organized around the recommendations. There is also one District work group yet to be announced. The following work groups are made up of constituent members. The plan is for most of these groups to meet on Friday afternoons. The Leads of each work group will be notifying the members of meetings. It is conceivable given our timelines that not everyone will make every meeting. However, it is anticipated that we will meet our accreditation deadlines. All work group meeting times will be posted; minutes from all meetings will be kept and posted. Ben Seaberry is working on a web site for this information and we anticipate having it up by next week.

Following are the work groups and their appointees as of today February 19th.

Work Group # One will be working with recommendation 1 & 7 and will have a membership of 10 consisting of 3 faculty, 3 managers, 3 classified and 1 student.

Recommendation 1:

The team recommends that the college clarify the decision making roles of constituent groups in the establishment of the campus organizational structure and implement a participatory process to advance the mission and goals of the institution. (Standards: IA3, IB1, IB2, IVA1, IVA2a, IVA3, IVB2b)

Recommendation 7:

The team recommends that the college further improve communication to increase collaboration across organizational structures by promoting transparent decision making, honest dialogue and widespread dissemination of internal college documents. (Standards: IIIB2b, IIIC, IIIC2, IIID1a, IIID1d, IVA1, IVA2, IVA2b)


Lead-Ted Wieden; Faculty members are: Laurie Lema, Tish Young, Kathleen Costa; Management members are: Beth Hauscarriague, Michael Almaguer, Julie Walters; ASDVC member: Lindsay St. Hill; Classified staff members: Maria Barno, Sue Handy, Teresa Molnar.


Work Group #Two will be working with recommendation 2 and will have a membership of 10 consisting of 3 faculty, 3 managers, 3 classified and 1 student.

Recommendation 2:

The team recommends that the college must develop and implement college wide planning that is tied to the Strategic Plan, mission, and resource allocation that:

  • Integrates all aspects of planning, evaluation, and resource allocation (Standards IB3, IB4, IIA1, IIA2, IIB1, IIB4, IIC2, IIIA6, IIIC2, IIID1a, IIID2g, IIID3, IVA5, IV2b)
  • Is well defined, widely disseminated and discussed through reflective college wide dialogue (Standards: IB4, IB5, IIID4, IVA2a)
  • Includes faculty, staff, students and administration from Diablo Valley College's main campus and its San Ramon Campus (Standards: IB4, IIA1, IIB1, IIC1c, IIIA, IIIB, IIIC, IIID, IVA1, IVA2, IVA3)


Lead-Mohamed Eisa; Faculty members are: Ray Goralka, Carolyn Seefer, Keith Mikolavich; Management members are: Chris Leivas; Cindy Goga, and Bill Trumbo; ASDVC member is: Antonia Oen; Classified members are: Dale Craig, Jason Cherry, Coleen Lento.


Work Group # Three will be working with recommendation 3 and will have a membership of 10 consisting of 3 faculty, 3 managers, 3 classified and 1 student.

Recommendation 3:

The team recommends that Diablo Valley College fully implement Recommendation 1 in the 2002, Accreditation Evaluation Report which states: "Implementation of a uniform process of program review which includes direct evidence of student learning and is used to inform and influence planning and resource allocation and leads to improvements in programs and services." (Standards: IB3, IB4, IIA1, IIA2, IIB1, IIB4,IIIA6, IIC2, IIID1a, IVA5, IV2b)


Lead-John Baker; Faculty members are: Ray Goralka, Milagros Ojermark, Obed Vazquez; Management members are: Kim Schenk; Ann Patterson; and Yvonne Canada; ASDVC member is: Kimberly Sarah Yo; Classified members are: Sue Rohlicek, Dona DeRusso, Ligia Morcello.


Work Group # Four will be working with recommendation 6 and will have a membership of 6 consisting of 3 faculty, 1 manager, 1 classified and 1 student.

Recommendation 6:

The team recommends that Diablo Valley College fully implement recommendation 2 from the 2002 Accreditation Evaluation Report which states, "Improvement of the existing curriculum process to include a timely, systematic review and efficient procedures for course and program approval with adequate technology and staff support." Furthermore, the team recommends that the curriculum process be fully integrated with the program review process. (Standards IIA2a, IIA2e)


Leads-Claudia Hein and John Mullen; Faculty members are: Obed Vazquez, Claudia Hein, Tim Murphy; Management member is: Rachel Westlake; ASDVC member is: Pradya(Ben) Laohapornsvan; Classified members is: Lesley Agostino.


Work Group # Five will be working with Eligibility Requirement 10 and will have a membership from many existing units.


Requirement 10 - Student Learning and Achievement: The visiting team confirmed that Diablo Valley College defines and publishes the programs of study leading to an associate degree, certificate, and program of study leading to transfer. Program expected learning and achievement outcomes, however, have yet to be developed and published.


Lead-Susan Lamb; Members are: Division deans; Department chairs; Members of Curriculum Committee; Members of Faculty Senate (Claudia Hein, Robert Burns); Sub writing group: John Mullen will lead with Claudia Hein and Judy Foster.


Work Group # Six will be working with Eligibility Requirement #19 and will have a committee membership consisting of the Technology Committee


Requirement 19 - Institutional Planning and Evaluation:The visiting team confirmed that Diablo Valley College has a documented Educational Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan and technology master plan. However, planning processes and outcomes need to be consistent, integrated, evaluate, and updated. Technology planning is not integrated with institutional planning. The institution does not systematically assess the effective use of technology resources or use the results of evaluation as the basis for improvement. Diablo Valley College completed its last technology master plan in 2001. The plan was comprehensive and included implementation timelines over a three year period through 2004. Since that time, there has been no comprehensive and integrated effort to guide the development and implementation of technology resources over the last four years.


Leads: Ben Seaberry/Mark Steidel; Technology Committee: Mike Becker, Ann Patterson, Stacey Shears, Cathy Walton-Woodson, Mario Tejada, John Sinsel, Tamar Baskind, Leslie Month, Jocelyn Iannucci, Neal Skapura, Michael Gong.


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