Accreditation Progress Update

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April 28, 2009

Accreditation Progress Update

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Mary Anne Radmacher

My mantra for the past several months has been, "I am confident that DVC can and will meet the resolution of the four recommendations (from 2002) and the two eligibility requirements within the time frame that has been given to us." Further I have been stating that "we have the intellectual capacity, desire, and committed faculty, classified staff, and administration to complete this work." I not only say it... I believe it.

So, if you are looking for some excitement, join us on Fridays as a dedicated and devoted group of nearly 70 faculty, classified staff, students, and administrators work on the accreditation recommendations preparing for our October 15th report to ACCJC. This report must go to the Contra Costa Community College District Board September 30th which means it must be in the District Office by September 14th. As you can see a great deal of work must be done by the end of the school semester.

Following is a current report of what the six different work groups are doing as of Friday April 24th.

Work Group One: Co-Leads are: Ted Wieden and Sue Handy. They are charged with "...designing decision-making and organizational structures and processes ... ." They have the draft of an organizational concept and a draft of the "Responsibilities of the College Council." You can access these on the accreditation web site. Feedback is welcome.

Work Group Two: Co-Leads are Keith Mikolavich and Mohamed Eisa. They are charged with "...tying the Strategic Plan to the revised college mission and to resource allocation..." this group will be meeting Friday May 1st to work on the charge/task and the prioritization/resource allocation committee, which is being proposed by Work Group One.

Work Group Three: Tri-Leads are Ray Goralka, Dona DeRusso, and John Baker. They are charged with "...reviewing and revising the Program Review processes, and tying them to planning and resource allocation..." The Student Services Program Review processes were commended by the accreditation team and they will continue, for the most part, as is. The Instructional Program Review process is on the faculty Senate agenda April 28th for approval. The Administrative Program Review process that was approved last year is going through an evaluative process. In the meantime, five of the nine administrative programs are currently going through their Program Review.

Work Group Four: Co-Leads are Claudia Hein and John Mullen. They are charged with "...reviewing and improving the existing curriculum process, with a focus on course and program approval..." Of approximately 1200 courses, 1,040 are currently in compliance. The "Course Outlines Title 5 Revision and SLO Assessment Plan" document is going through the Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate SLO Committee, and the SLO Working group. This will be going to all department chairs and area leads to ensure an ongoing revision schedule.

Work Group Five: Co-Leads are Rachel Westlake and Robert Burns. They are charged with "developing and publishing instructional program-level student learning outcomes... ." There are 125 program SLOs with 73 completed and approved through curriculum committee. The program SLOs will be published in the summer ‘09 college catalog addendum.

Work Group Six: Co-Leads are Mark Steidel and Ben Seaberry. They are charged with "updating the Technology Plan and integrating it with other planning processes." A draft Plan has been completed and the co-leads are meeting with all constituent groups to share it. The plan is posted to the accreditation website with an accompanying survey for feedback. The final draft version should be submitted to Leadership Council by May 18th.

As I said earlier, a lot of work has been done with close to 70 people involved in all the work groups. If you've questions, suggestions, or just want to participate, contact a co-lead or member of the work group. If at all possible, we will publish an "Accreditation Status Report" with the various drafts of the work groups available in hard copy before the end of the semester.


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