Sculpting Space - Summer Facilities Projects

President's Message

May 20, 2009

Sculpting Space

In dreams, in memory, as in the sense of sight,
our imagination is the organizing force of our life, of our world.
Each man, in his turn, must reinvent the things around him. Robbe-Grillet

Facilities features which we are reinventing on the DVC campus during summer include: new Diablo Valley College roadside signs replacing the one on Golf Club Road (shifted to the opposite corner) and replacing the one on Viking Road. There will also be two smaller DVC signs located on the corner of Stubbs and Viking and Stubbs and Golf Club Road. Other activities are listed on the map below and include repaving parking lots 5, 6, &7 and doing native landscaping, a PE Dance floor replacement, new transit center in lot 8, and some additional work in other buildings as noted.

Summer 2009 facilities projects - link to pdf
Summer 2009 facilities projects

New main entry signs - link to pdf
Main entry signs: Golf Club Road sign

New campus corner maker signs - link to pdf Campus corner marker signs


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