Happy Birthday DVC

President's Message

August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday DVC

Welcome to Fall 2009. This is our 60th year and we should declare all College events to be in honor of providing 60 years of education for the Central Contra Costa County. This is going to be a very interesting year and we will all walk the road, perhaps a less travelled one, together. Highlights include the state/ District /College budget, changes to our College as a result, not only of the budget but also because of the accreditation work, and continuing work on our facilities. Therefore, I have decided to send only one topic at a time in a President’s message. Today I am starting with a kickoff birthday celebration for DVC. Over the next several days I will be sending out a message about our “heart and soul,” and then six or seven individual messages on each area of our accreditation work.

DVC was established by the newly formed Contra Costa Board in 1949, offering classes in high schools, banks, churches, even an old army camp. We were called East Contra Costa Junior College with an emphasis on a “‘strong liberal arts course of study’ for purposes of transfer to other institutions of higher education.” This focus has served us well, as is evidenced by our high transfer rates. On October 5, 1950, the College Board of Trustees purchased our current DVC site for $172,500. Construction began in September, 1951. And we began classes here in 1952, in ten steel buildings acquired from the government for $45 each. The cornerstone for the first Pleasant Hill permanent building was laid in 1953, and the name Diablo Valley College was adopted in 1958. We've come a long way since those humble beginnings. Over one million students have been served by our college.

The San Ramon Campus began as the Center for Higher Education (CHE) in 1985. CHE formally changed its name in 1999 to the San Ramon Valley Center when it was granted center status by the State System’s Office and the California Post Secondary Education Commission. On November 2, 2006, SRC moved to its permanent location at 1690 Watermill Road, San Ramon.

Since this fall is the kickoff of our 60th year, we thought it was important to interview a few people. Chrisanne Knox, Sharrie Bettencourt, and Richard Woodruff interviewed 20 People and asked them three questions: What have you done this past year of which you are the most proud? How does what you do contribute to Student Success? And. What have you seen at DVC that’s most impressed you? The results of those interviews from faculty, our professional staff, and our administrators can be found at: mms://Burbank.dvc.edu/MAC/CCCCD/Convocation.wmv

Celebrating DVC includes many things …… one of those is a celebration of all the people who have been hired into permanent positions since August 1st, 2008. There were 43 professional staff hired into permanent positions, which includes some internal promotions. There were 6 administrators/ managers hired and 13 faculty.

Working together to provide a signature experience for our DVC students are the faculty (full and part-time); our professional staff (permanent and hourly); and our administrators / managers (permanent and interim). I would like to recognize also the leadership of our Faculty Senate, Laurie Lema, President; Classified Senate, Jocelyn Iannucci; and the newly elected Associated Student Body President of DVC, Lindsay St. Hill;

Please join me as we acknowledge all the accomplishments and milestones that have occurred as a result of DVCs 60 years. My vision for DVC is to create an institution that works together from a strengths-based center.

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