Accreditation update 9-8-09

President's Message

September 8, 2009

Incite your thinking: start an idea riot
Mary Anne Radmacher

An Accreditation Oversight Task Force (AOTF) and six Work Groups were established in response to the February 3, 2009 ACCJC letter. DVC is required to send a report by October 15th responding to four recommendations, two Eligibility Requirements (ER), and one District Office recommendation. The October report will be followed by a visit to occur sometime between October 19th and November 17th.

Our report must be reviewed by the trustees at their September 30th Board meeting, therefore it is due at the District Office by September 14th. Information from each Work Group was shared at a College meeting on May 12th at a Flex Day activity August 13th and at Leadership Council on August 10 and August 24, 2009. There has been a lot of dialogue around each recommendation and a great deal of work on integrating the various ideas into a flexible system that can both function and continuously improve. We are changing our governance structure, committee structure, and College procedures. It is truly a transformative and exciting time.

Each of the six President’s Messages will be focused on a recommendation. In the full report, each recommendation consists of an Introduction, Findings of the Evaluation Report, Actions Taken to Meet the Recommendation, Results, and Plan of Action. The upcoming President’s Messages are presenting the Recommendation language, Results, and Plans of Action. Accreditation Work Group agendas, minutes, committee memberships, and other pertinent information can be found on the website under accreditation. Once the report has been sent to the CCCCD Trustees, we will post it on the website so that it can be read cover to cover.

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