Budget information for current 2009-10 budget cuts

President's Message

September 16, 2009

Budget Information

On August 31st the Chancellor sent out a note to everyone at CCCCD concerning the reductions to budgets by location for 2009-10. DVC’s 2009-10 expenditure reduction total is $2,887,110. On September 9th the Contra Costa Community College District Board of Trustees adopted a budget for the District and three colleges. On September 10th the District Office sent out a notice that DVC was to submit a plan to the District Office by October 1, 2009 showing where the reductions would be taken in our budget.

2009-10 Budget Reductions
We have done a lot of work as a result of our accreditation dialogues, one of them being the creation of some new councils and the changing of some committees. These changes are scheduled to go into effect October 1, which means we must use our current procedures to do the 2009/10 budget cuts. Consequently, I have directed the Vice President of Finance and Administration, working with the current Budget Oversight Committee (which has the responsibility for recommending priorities for the college budget) to develop a recommendation that uses, “to the extent possible” one time money to make the cut. And, I also want to acknowledge that we have already begun to address the budget cuts through the reduction to the 2010 spring and summer schedule, which will result in expenditure savings of approximately $571, 375 including salaries and benefits. This means we are looking for about $2.3 million throughout the budget.

Future Budget Process
The budget process after October 1st will require some changes to our current College procedures and “institutional planning and budget development” are academic and professional matters. This means I will consult with the Academic Senate and we must mutually agree on the changers per Board Policy 1009 and College Procedure 1009.01. We spent a lot of time during the accreditation processes looking at how we could have a more transparent process. I want the DVC Community to know what our budget situation is. The new Budget Committee has been charged with, among other things, to educate the college community about the budget and budget allocation process and communicate the results of the annual prioritization and allocation process. I want that education to include the following:

  1. Education of the College on the adopted Board of Trustees September 9th budget, specifically for DVC including how the District receives its money from the State using the SB 3621 model.
  2. Education of the College on the District’s budget allocation models and how DVC receives its money from the District Office.
  3. Education of the College on the different categories of funds that we have i.e. Funds 1,2,3,4,5,6 11 and 12 etc. and what restrictions may apply to each.
  4. Any other ideas that may occur as a result of the information acquired above.



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