Follow up remarks to Accreditation Commission
President's Message

January 8, 2010

Yesterday I sent out a copy of the remarks I made to the Accreditation Commission. Since then, several people have asked me about the process …what went on? …and when will we know the outcome?

First off, it is important to remember that DVC had done an October 15th report, which went to the Board in September. This was followed with a first addendum report dated October 23rd, which the visiting team had prior to their visit in November. This first addendum demonstrated our implementation of the various areas from the October 15th report. A second addendum, continuing to demonstrate our continuous attention to the implementation went to the Commission on December 17th. All of these reports demonstrate our commitments and are evidence of our sustainability to our mission, our students, and continuous improvement. All reports are posted on our web site.

Second, There is a specific process for appearing in front of the Commission, which can be found on their web site, but here is what occurred with me. I was told to be at the Westin Hotel at the SFO airport at 9:00am and to wait in the hall outside the meeting room until I was called. I was told I would be called sometime between 9:00 am and noon. Representatives from other Colleges were also in the hall, Riverside, College of the Redwoods, and I think Chaffey or Cerritos.

I went in about 11:00. I was escorted into the room by the Chair of the visiting team (in our case this was Dr. Marie Smith who also happens to be a Commissioner). She sat next to me at a table and I was allowed to speak for up to 5 minutes (remarks are below). That was followed by the Commissioners asking me questions. Those included the following: When were we going to implement what we had written? Where were we with course level SLOs? On the Commissions rubrics for Program Review and SLOs where did I see DVC and the work we had done? How were we going to establish rubrics for evaluating our College Council and the governance structure? Where were we with planning? How were people selected to serve on the Integration Council and how many people were on it? Where were we with Program Review and how did that tie into resource allocation? What was our timeline for this work? In addition to my remarks, I also left a copy of the new DVC FACT BOOK and the matrix showing our programs, degrees, and certificates and how they fit into the 45 program review areas.

I was then excused from the room and Dr. Smith spoke with the Commission for up to 5 minutes. She then left the room and joined us in the hall.

The Commission deliberated and voted to take action. I assume that they did this immediately after they had heard from both myself and Dr. Smith.

We will NOT KNOW THE OUTCOME OF THIS ACTION, until we receive a letter from the Commission sometime the end of January or first part of February. The Commission prepares letters for all the Colleges which they are dealing with in this meeting and sends the letters out simultaneously. Last year our letter came on February 3rd.

I have no idea what action the Commission will take. We have done our work and we will continue to do so to serve our students. We will certainly have another visit maybe in spring and maybe next fall, in the meantime we will continue to move forward.

Thank you all for your hard work and thank you for caring. And, I want to especially acknowledge the work that Ted Wieden, our Accreditation Liaison Officer has done.

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