Follow-up accreditation report

President's Message

September 27, 2010


This morning I had occasion to relook at the October 2008 DVC self-study document and to reread the visiting team’s report. I am very pleased to note, that we have come a very long way. It is with honor that I attach the result of all the hard work done by the DVC community on the October 15, 2010 Follow-up report due today at the District Office. This report will be presented at the October 13th CCCCD governing board meeting by Peter Garcia and Ted Wieden prior to its submittal to ACCJC by October 15th.

It represents the culmination of a great deal of hard work by the college. We are indebted to Jeanie Dewhurst for her perseverance and tracking of documents, to Ted Wieden for his Accreditation Liaison leadership, and to all the DVC community for their involvement.

Accreditation Follow-Up Report October 15, 2010

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