Day of testing



Day of testing at Pleasant Hill!



1) Be sure to arrive early as parking is always very busy.  You will need to buy a day pass ($3) to ensure that you have enough time to take your test.  Leaving to feed the meter in the middle of your test isn't permitted. 



2) Make your way to the Student Services Center, we are located on the first floor (Room 140) at the end of the long hall.  If you arrive at the restrooms you have gone too far!


3) Check in for testing will begin 10 minutes before your appointment time.  Be sure to have your photo ID (driver's license, passport, student ID card, gym card, etc.) and your DVC Student ID # with you.  We are unable to test any student without a photo ID and their DVC ID #.  If your ID # is in your phone be sure to write it down before you arrive as you will need to turn your phone off while testing.

dl                                    passport   


4) Our staff will check your photo ID and have you log in with your DVC Student ID #.


5) You will then enter the testing room.  No food or drink is allowed in the testing room.  Once you have been directed to a seat please place your photo ID in the top right corner of your desk as indicated, have your DVC ID # out in front of you (if you don't have it memorized) and then await further instructions.  Please don't touch the computer as they have already been logged in for you.  Once the appointment time has arrived, and the last student has been seated one of our staff will give you all of the testing instructions and more information about your test.


6) After you have finished your test you will be asked to print your results.  Please press print just once (you won't hear it as it prints in our office) and exit the testing room with all of your belongings including your photo ID.  One of our staff members will give you a copy of your results to take home with you.  This is the only copy that you will receive and so it is important to keep the copy to present at your counseling appointment or Counseling 095 class.


7) That's it! You're done!  Your scores will be uploaded to your WebAdvisor account by 7:00pm that night (or the next morning if your take the test at San Ramon).



 What do I do after I take my test? Click on Step 5 for more info!

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