Assessment policies

Assessment Policies

Students must comply with the following policies while testing in Diablo Valley College’s Assessment Center. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the following policies please speak with a staff member before beginning any test.

*Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, student ID) and DVC student ID number are required for all transactions.

*All students with a verified disability must inform the staff of their accommodations before the test begins.

*All electronics (cell phones, MP3 players, dictionaries, translators, website assistance etc.) must be turned off and headphones/headsets removed. Electronics are not to be handled throughout the exam. Use of cell phones once in the testing room will be viewed as cheating. Flash drives are not permitted.

* Any students caught cheating (using electronic means, talking, hand signals, etc.) will have all testing materials confiscated, be contacted by a Dean or Vice President to discuss disciplinary action, and will be banned from the Assessment Center permanently.

*Once students enter the testing room they may not leave until the completion of the test. Bathroom breaks will not be permitted. Once students begin a test it will count as having been taken even if it isn’t completed.

*All testing materials must be returned including all scratch paper. To allow for testing materials to be re-used, students are not to write in the test booklets for any reason.

*Students taking the Chemistry test will be informed of their finish time which will be documented on the top of their answer sheet. Failure to exit the testing room on time will result in a score of zero on the test regardless of how late the student leaves (30 seconds or 30 minutes). The test will count as having been taken.

*No food or drink is allowed in the testing room.

*All test results should be available on the same day as testing. Students should receive their results from the front desk before leaving the center. Scores are valid for two years from the day of testing.

*English and ESL may only be taken twice ever district wide, with at least 7 days in between testing dates. College Level Math may be taken twice a semester in a student’s first semester testing with at least 7 days in between testing dates, and then only once a semester thereafter. ISSA may be taken as many times as a student wishes. Chemistry may be taken only once per semester.

*Students may only book two appointments per week. If a student books two of the same appointments within a seven day period their second appointment will be cancelled.

*If you are taking the English test for the first time, you MUST take the whole English Assessment test in one sitting; you cannot book reading and writing separately. If you are re-testing on both sections you MUST to do so in one sitting. If you have previously taken an English placement test with us and tested into English 122 in either section, OR if you have completed English 116 or 118 with a C or better, OR have been excused because of other exemptions, then you are ONLY allowed to take the needed portion of the test. Students who sign up for the wrong test will be required to reschedule for the appropriate test session. Please book your test accordingly.

* If a student misses two booked appointments without cancelling they will be blocked from making any further appointments for seven days. If a student misses three booked appointments without cancelling they will be blocked from making any further appointments until meeting with a manager.

*If a student re-tests and scores lower on their second attempt we will use the higher score achieved.

*The Assessment Center does not permit children in the testing room during testing sessions as this can be a distraction to the testers.  We can also not be responsible for children left unsupervised in the office.  Please make childcare arrangements prior to testing.


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