COMSC class schedule

Comsc-265 and -266 becoming -165 and -200
Our very popular 265 course is to be renumbered as 165 starting in fall 2012. Also, 266 will become 200. The course titles and content remain exactly the same. The reason for the renumbering is so that their sequence numbers are before 210 and 260, for which they are prerequisites.

Comsc-100 and -100L
The co-requisite relationship between Comsc-100 and -100L has been removed, so a Comsc-100 student is no longer required to take Comsc-100L, although it remains strongly encouraged to do so. The reason for the change is a recent change in UC/CSU transfer requirements.

Comsc-100 is now transferrable to UC/CSU whether Comsc-100L was taken or not. Comsc-100L is transferrable, too, but only if taken the same semester as Comsc-100, or after. If Comsc-100L is taken before Comsc-100, or if Comsc-100 is never taken at all, then Comsc-100L is not transferrable.

Tiny sections
Some sections, such as the online Java COMSC 110 section, have fewer seats than one might expect a DVC class to have. The reason is that the section is actually split -- that is, it's one section split into a C++ section and a Java section, with most of the seats in the C++ section due to greater demand for C++ in COMSC 110.

Section splitting also happens in COMSC 100 classes that are held in the ATC building. There are normally 45 seats in COMSC 100. But the classrooms in the ATC only hold 40 students. So the sections are split into a 35-seat face-to-face section in the ATC, and a small online section with the remaining 10 seats. If possible, the online section gets absorbed in to another online section, resulting in sections that are way larger than one would otherwise expect for COMSC 100.

Comsc-210 and -266 prerequisite changes
As soon as the paperwork can be processed, Comsc-255 will not longer be accepted as a prerequisite for Comsc-210 or -266. Comsc-255 is designed for going into Comsc-256 and -257, and as such does not cover in enough detail the requirements for entering Comsc-210 and -266.



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