Computer Science Department - MSDNAA program

Students currently enrolled in CNT or COMSC classes are entitled to selected free software through the ELMS system, through an annually-renewable agreement between DVC and Microsoft. In order for a student to participate in this program, the student's email address on their WebAdvisor account needs to be current, and their instructor must be a participant in the program.

This program is available only to currently enrolled students. Our agreement with Microsoft does not allow us to honor requests from formerly enrolled students to replace lost or damaged software.

The software titles listed on the store front are the only ones available. New titles are added as they become available to DVC, and as we can accommodate them in our system. If you do not see a title listed, such as Microsoft Office, then it is not available.

M S D N A A home page

Participating instructors collect their student's emails from their WebAdvisor rosters, and submit them for registration in the program. They do this on a regular basis in order to pick up newly-added students, and to handle changes in students' email addresses. Students should be alerted via email of their account information, including a URL to use and a password. If you you have not received account information in your email, then one of these things happened:

  1. Your instructor is not participating in the program. Check with your instructor to see if this might be the case, and if so, encourage your instructor to participate.
  2. You entered an incorrect or out-of-date email address for yourself on WebAdvisor, and the ELMS system is unable to contact you. Try using your InSite portal address.
  3. Your ISP has a spam blocker that is rejecting the messages from ELMS ( This has been the case with some AOL email accounts. You may have to get a free gmail, yahoo, or hotmail account in order to participate.
  4. You have a spam blocker that is rejecting the messages from ELMS ( If this is the case, turn off the spam filter, or fill out the registration form again with another email address.

Your username for the ELMS system is your email address. It is not your 7-digit DVC student ID.

If you have trouble accessing the website with Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, or Safari, try using Internet Explorer instead.

Some titles download as folders and files, and others as ISO or IMG disk images. To install from folder and files, find the setup.exe file and double-click it. To install from an ISO or IMG, use CD/DVD authoring software like "Roxio" or "Nero" to make a CD or DVD from the ISO, and install from that. Or use virtual DVD drive software, like "MagicDisc". Go to to download and install "MagicDisc" for free. Once installed it appears as an icon next to your digital clock. Right-click it and choose "How to..." for directions on using MagicDisc.

If the software that you download requires a CD key or serial number for installation, you can look it up by going here, locating the software title, and click the delivery type: download, cd checkout, or mail order. If the CD key or serial number are not listed in the summary table, click View Order Details and click the title to access a more complete summary table.

If you need a new activation code for installation, click here to request one through the website.

If you paid for mail order CDs and did not receive them, check out the delivery status, which you can find by going here, locating the software title, and click the delivery type: mail order. If this does not help, contact and explain the situation. Be sure to include your school (Diablo Valley College), user account ID (that is, your email address), and the software title in question.

Please do not contact DVC's program administrator (Prof. Burns) for help. Please do ask your instructor for the enrollment instructions. If your instructor is not a participant in the program, you will not be able to enroll.

Your enrollment period will end when the semester ends. Sorry, but you will not longer be able to order free software, or to order replacements or additional installs after your enrollment period ends.

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