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Instructions on filling out the Petition to Repeat Form

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Please READ carefully before submitting your petition

  1. If you have taken the class Only one time and received a substandard grade (F, NP, D), W, or incomplete grade DO NOT fill out this form. A petition to repeat is only required if you have earned TWO substandard grades or TWO "Ws" (or combination). ----0


  2. Classes in progress CANNOT be reviewed until final grades are posted. Make sure to submit your petition once all your grades are posted..


  3. Petitions are accepted during the registration period:
    • Spring Semester      One week prior to your assigned spring registration date..
    • Fall Semester          One week prior to your assigned fall registration date.
    • Summer Semester   One week prior to your assigned summer registration date.


  4. Students should submit petitions no later than one week prior to assigned registration date to ensure receipt of decision in a timely manner.


  5. Allow 3-5 business days for the petition to be processed.


  6. Check your InSite email for the final decision. Please note that we communicate only via DVC email (InSite email) not personal email.


  7. Please note that registration for approved classes has to be done IN PERSON.



California Title 5 Regulations, as amended, determine the conditions and processes related to repetition, enrollment, and apportionment limits at California Community Colleges. Unless a course is noted as "repeatable" officially, the student who receives a satisfactory grade (C, CR, or higher) cannot repeat the course, unless an exemption applies. If a student receives a substandard grade and/or withdraws from the course, the student is allowed to enroll in that course TWO more times (for a total maximum of THREE enrollments). California Title 5 Regulations specify the circumstances under which a student may repeat a course per section 55040-55045. This petition is required for consideration of course repetition; all required documents must be provided for petition consideration.



First name: Last name:
Student ID#: Student's insite e-mail:
I hereby request approval to repeat (enter DVC course abbreviation and number ex: Math-120)
Semester you are planning to repeat the class (ex: FA 15, SP 16, SU 16)
List ALL attemps of this class including Ws, NP (not passing or no credit), and grades A-F:
  Semester Grades
Check which applies to you:

Alleviation of Substandard Academic Work [Title 5 55040(b) (2)] - Repeating a course in an effort to alleviate a substandard grade; a substandard grade (D, F, NC, or NP) and/or a withdrawal (W) has been earned two times.

  • The Third attempt is the final attempt.
  • Both a substandard grade and/or a W count as an attempt.
  • The previous grade will be disregarded in computing the student's grade point average.
  • The substandard grade will remain on the student's transcript with a notation that the course has been repeated.
  • A withdrawal is a non-evaluated symbol and does not alleviate a substandard grade

 Significant Lapse of Time [Title 5 55040(b) (3)] - I have received a satisfactory grade for a non-repeatable class (A, B, C, CR, or P) AND there has been a significant lapse of time (3 or more years) since I took this course. AND

  Diablo Valley College has established a recency prerequisite for the above course. (Must submit supporting documentation)
  My transfer institution has a recency requirement which necessitates a repeat of the above course. (Must submit supporting documentation)
  • All units and grades will be counted in GPA.

Legally Mandated Course [Title 5 55040(b) (8)] - A student can repeat a course that is required by a statute or regulation as a condition of employment, and the student is employed or actively seeking to be employed for a paid or volunteer job for which the course is required.

  • All units and grades will be counted in GPA. (Must submit supporting documentation)

Occupational Work Experience [Title 5 55040(b) (6)] - A student can repeat a course due to significate change in industry or licensure standards since the student last took the course and the course is required for employment or licensure.

  • All units and grades will be counted in GPA. (Must submit supporting documentation)

Extenuating Circumstances [Title 5 55040(b) (5)] - Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accidents, illness, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student..

  • Student has received multiple substandard grades for a non-repeatable class and has enrolled in the course 3 times.
  • Due to extenuating circumstances during the most recent attempt, the student is seeking approval to repeat the class beyond the maximum allowed.
  • A maximum of two substandard grades may be alleviated from GPA calculations. (Must submit supporting documentation)
  Use the box below to provide information relating to supporting documents:
(for example, enter the link to the school requiring course recency and link to the area and/or page showing the recency requirement).
  * Maximum 2000 characters

























































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