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Cooperative Education Courses:                    DVC Class Schedule
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COOP 160 - General Work Experience Education 1-3 units
This course is designed for students whose jobs do not relate to their college major or career goal and provides an opportunity to explore areas of career interest, increase learning and responsibilities on current jobs under the supervision of a college instructor with the intent of assisting them to acquire desirable work habits, attitudes, and career awareness. CSU

COOP 170 - Occupational Work Experience 1-4 units
This class is designed for students who jobs relate to their college major or career goal and provides on-the-job training in business and industrial establishments under supervision of a college instructor and focuses on student-defined learning objectives. CSU

COOP 180 - Internship in Occupational Work Experience Education 1-4 units
This course is a supervised internship in a skilled or professional level assignment in a student's major field of study or in a area of career interest. The student engages in on-the-job training; and other learning experiences that contribute to their employability skills and occupational or educational goals. CSU


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