Petition to repeat a course

When completing this form, please make sure that you tab through the form. Then use your mouse to click "submit".

Directions for Completing the Petition to Repeat Form:
1. When completing this form, please make sure that you tab through the form. Then use your mouse to click "submit."
2. Fill out your student ID#, name, phone number and DVC email address where you can be reached.
3. Indicate the number of attempts of the course you wish to repeat. Include the course title and number, term, and grade.
4. Check off the applicable condition to repeat the course. Documentation required where indicated.

Student name:
Student ID (not SSN):
Student's e-mail:
Phone #:
Course: (ex. Math 110)
Taken during the: (ex. Fall 06) semester/year.
Grade Received: (ex. A, B, C, D, E or F)
How many times have you taken this class?
Semester/Year Planning to Repeat the Course: (ex. Fall 07) semester/year.

A course repeat petition my only be granted based on the conditions below. If none of the conditions apply, the repeat petition will be denied. Indicate each time you took the course, term, and grade (including W's):
Please check the box next to the condition that applies to you:
Repeating a course in an effort to alleviate a substandard grade; a substandarde grade (D, F, NC, or NP) and/or a withdrawal (W) has been earned two times. The third attempt is the final attempt. Both a substandard grade and/or a W count as an attempt. The previous grade will be disregarded in computing the student's grade point average. The substandard grade will remain on the student's transcript with a notation that the course has been repeated. A withdrawal is a non-evaluate symbol and does not alleviate a substandard grade.
Repeating a course due to a significant lapse of time (at least 36 months), where a passing grade (CR, P, A, B or C) was previously earned. The most recent course was completed more than three years ago and the repetition is necessary due to a recency requirement either for a DVC program or transfer institution program. All coursework shall remain on the student’s permanent record. Both grades count in the GPA calculation. Course repetition based on significant lapse of time may only occur once. (Documentation required) .
Repeating a course beyond the maximum times allowed. Students with substandard grades may use this reason if they had extenuating circumstances during the most recent attempt and the most recent attempt resulted in a letter grade. Extenuating circumstances are defined as verified cases of accidents, illness, or other life changing events beyond the control of the student. The previous grade may be disregarded in computing the GPA. A withdrawal is a non-evaluative symbol and does not alleviate a substandard grade. Course repetition based on extenuating circumstances may only occur once. (Documentation required).
Repeating a course to meet a legally mandated training requirement as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment. All grades will be counted in GPA. Regardless of whether or not a substandard grade (D, F, NC, or NP) was previously earned, the grade and unit credit shall be included each time for the purpose of calculating the GPA. (Documentation is required to certify that course repetition is necessary to complete legally mandated training)
Repeating a course due to a significant change in industry or licensure standards since the student last took the course and the course is required for employment or licensure. The grade and unit credit will be included each time in GPA calculation. (Documentation required)
Additional Information:
NOTE: The decision is final - please make your statement as clear as possible.

























































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