Disability support services - directory

Click name for bio page if one is available. Dial 925-685-1230 and the extension (e.g., x1234) to call. Click the envelope icon to email.

Counseling, Disability Support Services
Jester, Catherine Counselor x2276 C-124
Disability Support Services
Arnett, Sue Employment Specialist x2073 SSC-138
Conde, Kellie Counselor x2364 C-124
Desmond, Rose Alternate Media Specialist x2724 SSC-202A
Flaggs,Yasmine T. Staff, Senior Office Assistant SSC-202A
Gomes, Nicole Senior Office Assistant x2078 SSC-213
Martin, Lisa Note Taking Coordinator x2607 SSC-202A
Million, Carrie Learning Disabilities Specialist x2553 LC-112
Orme, Laurence Special Students Programs and Services Aide x2531 SSC-202A
Shears, Stacey Academic/Student Services Manager x2926 SSC-202B
Tenty, Ron Testing Coordinator x2058 SSC-213

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