Children's center program

childre'ns center

Coordinator: Joan Symonds
Secretary: Cathy McRoberts
Hours: Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Division: Social Science
Directory: Children's Center faculty and staff




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The Diablo Valley College Children's Center lab school is a part of the early childhood education department instructional program and a place for children of DVC students while they are attending classes.

The purpose of a lab school is to provide an enriched and supportive learning environment for children, parents and DVC students. The school is viewed as a community of learners in which children are seen as curious, competent and capable of constructing knowledge. The program is guided by the belief that families have a primary influence on the development of their children and early childhood is the most critical period in this development. The curriculum and environmental settings are designed to reflect the developmental needs and interests of each child and the unique cultures of the individuals within the school. The learning activities and materials that are offered are concrete, real and meaningful to the lives of children.


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