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Adams, Hillary Instructor (part-time) x1698 FO-108
Agnost, Katy Instructor x2482 FO-110
Allen-Kirkhouse, Dee Instructor (part-time) FO-262
Angevine, Avril Instructor (part-time) x1565 FO-113
Armerding, Benjamin Faculty (Part-time), English LA1
Askanas, Aynah Instructor (part-time) x1584 LC-116
Barber, Tom Instructor x2741 FO-148
Barksdale, Jessica Instructor x2513 FO-240
Baskind, Tamar Instructor, Area Chair x2855 FO-124
Bessie, Adam Instructor x2069 FO-160
Beuttel, Michelle Instructor (part-time) x1916 FO-124
Blackwell-Stratton, Marian Instructor x2550 FO-125
Bowman, Graham Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Brandt, Teresa Instructor (part-time) LC-116
Brown, Carol Instructor (part-time) x1988 FO 235
Browne, Susan Instructor x2483 FO-116
Budd, Gary Instructor x2491 FO-114
Carmichael, Elisabeth Instructor (part-time) x1695 FO-160
Carrick, Jason Instructor (part-time) x1912 FO-116
Cecchettini, Rae Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Chaiko-Lepley Linda Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Chiu, Jeannie Instructor x2267 FO-123
Craven, Lenore Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Davis, Todd Instructor (part-time) x1527 FO-262
DeWolf, Laurel Instructor (part-time) FO-136
DeYoung, Daniel Instructor (part-time) x1810
Defoe, Danielle Instructor FO 239
Di Bari, Isabella Instructor x2490 FO-128
DuLaney-Greger, Keri Instructor, Area Chair x2843 FO-204
Economides, Eleni Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Eidhin, Dorian Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Eihdin, Dorian Instructor FO 239
Fannin, Antonia Instructor x2402 FO-236
Fischer, Laury Instructor x2488 FO-125
Fischer-Mikolavich, Ema Instructor (part-time) FO-108
Fitzgerald, Cathy Instructor (part-time) x1811
Fitzpatrick, Kristin Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Gates, Cody Instructor (part-time) FO 124
Gebler, Katie Instructor (part-time) x1995 LC-111
Givehand, Kiala Instructor (part-time) x1936 FO-160
Goen-Salter, Heidi Instructor x2503 FO-124
Goodman, Marcia Professor x2612 FO-241
Grant, Steve Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Gray, Charles Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Green, Elizabeth Instructor (part-time) FO
Griffin, Nicole Instructor (part-time) x1902 FO 160
Hamm, Barbara Instructor (part-time) x1830 FO-202
Harris, Jim Instructor (part-time) FO-262
Harvey, Rosita Instructor (part-time) x1699 LC-116
Higgins, Tiffany Instructor (part-time) FO-262
Hong, Sae Na Instructor x2485 FO-218
Iannucci, Jocelyn Instructional Laboratory Coordinator x2905 LC-105
Jacobs, James Instructor x2651 FO-109
James, Jann Instructor (part-time) FO-136
King, David Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Kirst, Sunshine Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Klieman, Michael Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Krooth, Ann Instructor (part-time) x1853 FO-118
Leal, Tom Instructor (part-time) FO-139
Lee, Heather English Lab Coordinator x2446 LC-105
Lehr, Ann Instructor (part-time) x1541 FO-108
Lentricchia, Amy Instructor (part-time) x1932 FO-124
Leong, Patrick Instructor x2783 FO-111
Lesneski, Sophie Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Lundberg, Mary Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Lundbom, Jean Instructor FO-136
Malone, Nancy Instructor x2365 FO-233
Marquardt, Jorge Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Martin, Carolyn Instructor (part-time)
Masella, John Instructor (part-time) x1854 FO-259
McKenzie, Margaret Instructor FO-136
McKinnon, Sarah Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-160
Meissner, Kyanne Senior Office Assistant x2349 LC-118
Meixner, Anthony Instructor (part-time) x1884 FO-108
Menegas, Irene Instructor x2139 FO-115
Mikolavich, Keith Instructor x2481 FO-107
Miller, Julia Instructor (part-time) LC-111
Myers, Judy Instructor, Department Chair x2487 FO-223
O'Leary, Maureen Instructor x2512 FO-206
Olson, Victoria Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Pal, Anita Instructor (part-time) x1883 FO-262
Peloquin, Linda Instructor (part-time) x1682 FO-108
Reed, Megan Instructor (part-time) FO-1
Reeves, Bruce Instructor (part-time) x1673 FO-239
Ripley, Dore Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Robinson, Glenda Instructor (part-time) x1687 LC-116
Roemer, Julie Instructor x2527 FO-241
Rogala, Lori Instructor (part-time) x1933 FO-113
Sawyer, Barbara Instructor FO-136
Schenk, Ruth Instructor (part-time) x1900 FO-113
Sengupta, Basudha Instructor FO-262
Silva, Glen Instructor (part-time) x1595 FO-113
Simkin-England, Carrie Instructor (part-time) LC 111
Smigelski, Joseph Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Somer, Marcia Dean
Stahl, Jayne Instructor (part-time) x1848 FO-239
Stevens, Debra Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Swanson, Meghan Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-124
Sydlaske, Robert Instructor (part-time) FO-136
Talbot, Karen Instructor (part-time) x1554 FO-262
Thomas, John Instructor x2140 FO-105
Toloui, Karen Instructor (part-time) x2718 FO-106
Valentine, Lorna Instructor (part-time) x1510 MA-262
Vela, David Instructor x2605 FO-119
Walsh, Ed Instructor (part-time) x1656 FO-108
Willis, Glenn Instructor (part-time) FO-108
Zink, Nancy Instructor x2707 FO-215
English (Learning Center)
Castro, Sonya Financial Aid Assistant I x2399 SSC
Greene, Jennifer Instructional Assistant (hourly) x2446 LC-105
Mopera, Gerardo Instructional Assistant (hourly) x2446 LC-105
English and Social Science
Kruse, Ellen Instructor x2643 FO-238
Wong, Hedy Senior Administrative Secretary x2250 FO-136
Financial Aid, English
Perata, Marcia Senior Office Assistant x2098 SSC-138, LC-118

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