ENGL class schedule

Diablo Valley College supports distance education, providing a wide variety of online and hybrid classes-many of which fulfill our IGETC agreement with 4-year colleges and our A.A. degree requirements.

By searching our schedule for each semester's offerings, using the terms "hybrid" or "online," a student can quickly assess which online or hybrid courses are available-choosing from 170+ sections each semester. To be prepared for these courses, a student should review the links on the left side of this page, developing a sense for the type of skills, learning styles, and technology that is involved in distance education courses.

While each course will be different, online instructors typically expect students to know how to: add attachments in email, use a browser, use a word processor like Microsoft Word, and have access to a reliable computer (at home, at work, or at our labs: campus computers). In some instances your instructor may cover this information in his or her orientation; but if not and if you still have questions, please review the links on your left, beginning with: Tips for success.

Class schedules

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Printed schedules are available in the DVC Book Center and the SRC Bookstore.

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