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EOPS Eligibility

To be considered for EOPS a student must:

  • be a California resident.
  • be enrolled full-time (12.0 or more units)* Exceptions may be made for those with disabilities. Students who are parents and foster youth may apply with 9.0-11.9 units.
  • qualify to receive the Board of Governors fee waiver (BOGW).
  • not have an Associate or Bachelor degree or more than 70 degree applicable units completed.
  • be educationally disadvantaged as determined by EOPS state guidelines.

*Foster youth and parent students may qualify with 9.0-11.9 units. Unit exceptions may also be made for students with disabilities who are enrolled in the Disability Support Services program.

CARE Eligibility

To qualify for CARE a student must:

  • be a CalWORKs/TANF participant.
  • have at least one child thirteen years of age or younger.
  • be a single-parent head of household.
  • be eligible for the EOPS program at DVC.
  • be enrolled in at least 12.0 units. Exceptions may be made for those with disabilities.



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