Financial aid - other aid and benefits

Seven other financial aid services are available to student:

1. Career and Employment Services

Career and Employment Services are located in the Student Services Center, Room 138 and offers students a spacious environment with the latest materials and technology. This area houses the CalWORKs Program, Career Services, Employment Services, Volunteer Services, and Workability III.

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Location: (click here for the Pleasant Hill campus map)
Student Services Center, Room 138
321 Golf Club Road
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Phone: (925) 685-1230
Career, Employment & Volunteer Services:x2435/2206
CalWORKs Program: x2081/2722
WorkAbility III: x2080

For more information, please visit the Career & Employment Services web pages.

2. Child Development Training Consortium

Financial aid is also available for students preparing for a career in Early Childhood Education. Partial reimbursement for tuition is available through the Child Development Training Consortium. Applications and further information can be obtained by contacting the Family Life Department on tel: (925) 685-1230 Ext. 1907.

3. Disabled Student Services (DSS)

Disability Support Services (DSS) is a program that is designed to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all of the educational offerings at Diablo Valley College. We facilitate equal opportunity through the provision of appropriate support services, curriculum, instruction and adaptive technology.

DSS Testing Accommodation Services has moved to SS 213. LRNSK 060 has moved to SS 211.

DSS Note Taking Services is located in SS 202 A/B along Alternate Media and the Mobility Coordinator.

For more information, call DSS at tel: (925) 685-1230 Ext. 2546 or visit their web pages.

4. Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)

EOPS is a State-funded program that provides book vouchers, grants, and support services to low-income , educationally disadvantaged students who are California residents. The EOPS Office is located in SS 215. Please contact the EOPS Office at Diablo Valley College for further information by calling (925) 685-1230 Ext. 2236 or 2366 or visit their web pages.

5. Scholarships

High school students entering Diablo Valley College, continuing DVC students, and students transferring to four-year colleges and universities will find many opportunities to compete for scholarships. These scholarships have been established for DVC students by individual sponsors, local, state, and national organizations. The Diablo Valley College Scholarship Program application offers hundreds of scholarships through one convenient application. The Scholarship Program Office is located with the Foundation Office in the Administration Building, Room 112, tel: (925) 685-1230 Ext. 2559 or visit their web pages.

6. Transfer Center

The Transfer Center is here to help you transfer to four-year colleges and universities. With college catalogs, computers for online information, details on major course requirements, applications for many four year institutions, and a multitude of additional resources to assist in the transfer process, the Transfer Center is open to all DVC students and strives to provide particular encouragement to students from historically underrepresented groups in higher education. The Transfer Center is located in the Counseling Center Building C. Call tel: (925) 685-1230, ext. 2588 for more information or visit their web pages.

7. Veteran's Benefits

Eligibility: Various federal and state agencies determine eligibility for veteran's benefits, depending on whether the student is a veteran or a dependent of a deceased veteran. The actual benefits a student is eligible to receive is determined by their course of study and the number of units they enroll in during the term they are seeking benefits.

How to apply: Interested students should speak with a staff member in the Admissions Office when they pick up an application for admission or contact the Department of Veteran's Affairs at (925) 313-1481 or 1 (800) 827-1000 or visit the Department of Veteran's Affairs website.

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