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Foreign Language
Abbott-Walker, Kristie Instructor (part-time)
Bany, Wilson Instructor x1956
Biasin, Giovanni Instructor (part-time)
Campbell, J. Instructor (part-time) x1544
Chaffey, Daniel Instructor (part-time) BFL-232
Chavdarian, Seda Instructor (part-time) x1518 FO-205
Downing, Linda Instructor (part-time) x1589 BFL-232
Enzminger, Jennifer Instructor (part-time) x1945 BFL-232
Fitzgerald, Amelia Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL205
Flanagan-Schmidt, Julia Instructor (part-time) x1546 BFL-232
Fournier, Elizabeth Instructor (part-time) x1676
Francia Biasin, Maria Rita Instructor (part-time) BFL-213
Grabow, Nancy Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL-205
Greller, Shiori Instructor (part-time) FO-208
Grzanka, Len Instructor (part-time) x1964 FO-250
Guo, Linda Instructor (part-time) x1979 BFL-232
Holland, Eyda Instructor (part-time) FO-205
Izquierdo, Isabel Instructor, Department Chair x2394 BFL-231
Kashi, Manijeh Instructor (part-time) x1506 FO-250
Kattan, Linda Instructor (part-time) BFL-205
Kovaleva, Lyudmila Instructor (part-time) BFL-205
Kumakura, Akihiko Instructor (part-time) x1699 FO-208
Libman, Klara Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL-205
Martinez, Claudia Instructor x2708 BFL-231
Nakatani, Ann Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL-205
Nezuka, Naomi Instructor x2062 BFL-228
Nobari, Parastou Instructor (part-time) x1514 BFL-232
Ojermark, Milagros Instructor x2709 BFL-233
Oksenendler, Susan Instructor (part-time) BFL-205
Robertson, Victoria Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL205
Saldivar, Denise Instructor (part-time) Classroom
Salih, Hashim Instructor (part-time) x1914 FO-205
Seida, Mariko Instructor (part-time) x1657 BFL-205
Skilton, Susan Instructor (part-time) x1559 FO-208
Tamura, Bruce Instructor (part-time) x1596
Tian, Gong Instructor (part-time) x1909
Wilson, Bany Instructor (part-time) x1956 Classroom
Wu, Young-Ming Instructor (part-time) x1826 BFL-232
Foreign Language (Chinese)
Lin, Sheree Professor x2390 BFL-230

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