Library Technology - program course sequence

To assist students in planning their schedules, Diablo Valley College has prepared a list of required courses to be offered each semester. This list is subject to change due to fiscal constraints and availability of staff and/or facilities, but it should help you in planning your schedule. In addition to these required courses you must complete six units of elective courses. By scheduling your classes according to this course sequencing guide, you will be able to finish the major requirements/certificate of achievement in two years or less depending on the number of units you take each semester. Verify offerings with program faculty, counselors and the online schedule of classes.

Library technology course sequence
X= semester offered
recommended sequence

    units fall spring summer
L 100 1st semester 1     X
L 103 2nd semester 2 X    
L 104 2nd semester 3 X    
L 105 3rd semester 3   X  
L 108 3rd semester 1   X  
LS 121 1st semester 1 X X X
COOP 170 or 180        
  3rd semester 2-4 X X X
Elective coursework        
  2nd-4th semester 1-4 X X X
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