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Library Technology

What is the library technology program?

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As information streams into our lives from multiple sources, it is the job of the library technician to help manage this vast collection of recorded knowledge, enabling people to find the information they need. A graduate of the library technology program is well prepared for employment in a library or information center.

As a library technology student, you will gain an in-depth understanding of information organization and retrieval. Through both classroom coursework and occupational work experience, you will receive the training needed to begin a new career.

You will learn to:

  • collect, organize, and retrieve information,
  • use a variety of computer programs and databases,
  • work with clients,
  • teach people how to use the library,
  • design and maintain web sites,
  • manage circulation and interlibrary loans
  • answer reference questions,
  • catalog library materials and resources
  • supervise staff, student assistants, and volunteers,
  • design displays,
  • promote services and activities,
  • work on community outreach programs,
  • manage a department or small library.

Why study library technology?

Library technicians work with people, offering assistance to library patrons, clients, students, faculty, and school children in the community. As a library technician, you may often be called upon to teach others how to use the library and its resources. It is important and satisfying work—connecting people with the information they need.

Library technicians have exciting and dynamic careers working with ever-changing technologies. Information, the lifeblood of business, education and government, comes in many forms. Books, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, film and audio recordings, photographs, professional journals and government documents are just some of the common forms of information used by a library technician.

Libraries are changing rapidly, and library technicians enjoy the exciting challenge of continuously learning new skills to keep pace with changing technologies.

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