Mathematics Department: DVC Math Lab

Welcome to the DVC Math Lab

Links to view or print our flyers are located at the bottom of the page.

MATH LAB LOCATION: Learning Center (LC) 200, 2nd Floor, 925-969-2632


Monday-Thursday: 8:30 a.m.-8:20 p.m.

Friday, Saturday-Sunday: closed

SERVICES: (See bottom of the page for Services and Support flyer link.)

Drop in Tutoring: Student tutors are available to help you for 15 minutes on a drop-in, first-come first-served basis.

Group Tutoring for various math classes, including MATH-075, 90, 90E, 120, 142, 194, 292, and 294: No appointment necessary! Drop-in during study group hours and get help from a supportive tutor with your homework or to study for an upcoming exam. Located in the Math Lab Algebra Alcove room. (See bottom of the page for Group Tutoring Flyer and Schedule link.)

Textbook Checkout: Students may check out a math textbook to use in the lab for up to 2 hours by using their DVC student ID card.

Open Lab Computers: Computers are available for DVC math students working with mathematics software for class assignments.

Quiet Study Hall: The Math Lab provides a quiet place to study with math help readily available.


Self-Paced Program (SP): 925-969-2627

Division Dean's Office: Mathematics Building, Room 267. 925-969-2688

FLYER LINKS (click on the green italicized links for desired semester information)

Math Tutor Job Announcement: Spring 2014

Math Lab Open Hours and Holiday Closures: Fall - Spring - Summer

Services and Support: Fall - Spring - Summer

MATH-075, 90, 90E, 120 Algebra Alcove Group Tutoring Schedule:  Fall -  Spring - Summer

MATH-075, 110, 120 Bridge Tutoring:   Offered in summer only, check back later

MATH-142 Group Tutoring Schedule: Fall - Spring - Summer

MATH-194, 292, 294 Group Tutoring Schedule: Fall - Spring - Summer

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