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Broadcast Communication Arts 

About the broadcast communication arts contact the following:

Enrollment  information
Call the Division Office at 925-685-1230, ext. 2311


Click name for bio page if one is available. Dial 925-685-1230 and the extension (e.g., x1234) to call. Click the envelope icon to email.

Art and Photography (Digital Media),Performing Arts (Film & BCA)
Guevara-Flanagan, Kristy Instructor x2840 ATC-110
Performing Arts (Film and BCA)
Loden, Frances Instructor (part-time) x1581 A/V Lab
O'Neill, Barbara Instructor (part-time) x1501 Media Center
Olson, Gerald Instructor (part-time) PAC-203
Seidler, Eleanor Instructor (part-time) x4390 AA-117I
Siler, Megan Instructor (part-time) x1865 PAC-206
Skloot, Tal Instructor (part-time) x1878 Classroom
Valentine, Kenneth Instructor (part-time) x1972 FO-250
White, Ken Instructor, Area Chair x2468 PA-204

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