Current Student Ambassadors
The DVC Student Ambassador program was created to help connect potential and current students to DVC campus resources. The Student Ambassador team works together under the direction of the Outreach/Relations with Schools Office to represent Diablo Valley College to prospective, new and returning students and their parents at events on campus and in the community. These student leaders help promote the many opportunities available at DVC by attending college nights at local high schools, leading campus tours, assisting with events, and making valuable connections with future and current students at Welcome Services. Maybe you have already seen Student Ambassadors on campus wearing their dark green polo shirts and friendly smiles!


For more information about the Student Ambassador program, contact Mercy Pono, at or 925-969-2115.


Meet the current DVC Student Ambassadors


 Adhitya Mohan is a sophomore at DVC, majoring in Physiology with plans to pursue a career in medicine. His love of music is fueled by playing the guitar and ukulele in addition to listening to his old vinyl records. He also enjoys being active through hiking and playing tennis. Adhitya feels honored to be part of a program that allows him to learn about the resources that are offered and to be able to share his knowledge with apprehensive students. He remembers how lost he once felt as a new college student and believes that guiding students through his learned experiences is truly unique and so rewarding.





Alejandra Vaca graduated from Pinole Valley High School in 2010 unsure of the next step to take in her academic journey. A friend suggested that she take classes at DVC, and she feels that advice was the best she could have taken. As a first generation college student, her experience thus far has been enriched by the excellent resources and opportunities DVC has to offer. Alejandra received her Associate’s Degree in Allied Health in May 2013 and is now serving her second year as a Student Ambassador. Alejandra enjoys working with fellow students, especially those coming to college for the first time. She plans to apply to a four-year college in fall 2013 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, and hopes to someday work for a non-profit agency.






C’Hera Greene graduated from Ygnacio Valley High School in 2011 and immediately enrolled at DVC where she is starting her 3rd year. She is pursuing an associate’s degree in Psychology and is working towards transferring to a 4-year university in fall 2014. Attending DVC has made her a lot more independent and has provided her the tools to create her own success. C’Hera joined the Umoja program last year, as well as the P.A.U club (Pan African Union) and still remains an active volunteer to help with any events for new students. She loves being active on campus and helping out with anything student related, which is what excited her about becoming a student ambassador. In her spare time C’Hera enjoys spending weekends with family and friends, going to the movies, reading and attending DVC’s sporting and theatre events. She loves that she is able to provide our diverse student body with accurate information to help them achieve their goals.






 Cody Soong graduated from Rocklin High School in 2012 and has been attending DVC for three semesters. He was born and raised in Thailand and came to the United States for his sophomore year of high school in 2009. He likes attending DVC for the opportunities and resources to improve his academic and life skills. He has a passion for music and spends most of his free time playing the guitar. Cody enjoys helping other students on campus and sharing the many choices that DVC has to offer. He plans to transfer in the fall 2014 to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance.





 Don Lee is an International Student from South Korea.   He came to the United States in 2007 and graduated from Contra Costa Christian High School in 2011. He loves DVC because of the many resources made available to students to help them reach their goals. He plans to transfer in fall 2014 to pursue a degree in Psychology. One day, he hopes to become a therapist. In his spare time, he loves playing tennis, watching movies and strengthening his relationships with his friends.




 Jiwon Kim is an international student from South Korea. She attended high school in Singapore and came to the United States in January 2012. She began working as a Student Assistant in the Assessment Center and Enrollment Lab before becoming a Student Ambassador. Jiwon enjoys the diverse population of DVC’s student body as well as the opportunities that are provided to students. She is majoring in Accounting and is hoping to transfer to a 4-year university in fall 2014. She is the Secretary of the Korean Christian Club at DVC.





 Jorge Barajas graduated from Ygnacio Valley High School in 2011.   In his first semester at DVC, he joined the Puente Program, a program that helps underrepresented students maneuver through college while giving back to their communities. He is a Political Science major and hopes to transfer to a 4-year university. Jorge is very active on campus and participates with various clubs. He currently serves as the President of the Latino Student Alliance club (LSA), a group that participates in many cultural, political and volunteer work and events both on and off campus. Every year they have a Cinco de Mayo event in May and a Dia de los Muertos in November.





 Kevin Limjoco graduated from Alhambra High School in 2012. He hopes to transfer in fall 2015 to pursue a degree in Biochemistry. He is currently the Vice President of DVC's Honor Society, Alpha Gamma Sigma, a volunteer at his county hospital in Martinez, CA, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, in addition to being a volunteer at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek, CA. Other than academics and volunteering, Kevin loves getting to know others. He is a very friendly and outgoing individual who loves being positive and optimistic. He feels that attending DVC is a great way for students to pursue their dreams and goals in addition to inspiring others around them as well. He believes that no one should give up and with hard work and determination, anyone can get where they want to be in life. If you see him on campus, don't be afraid to say hello, most likely, he will be glad to meet you as well.