Economics/Political Science - directory

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Lopilato, Karen Faculty (Part-time), Economics FO
Social Science (Economics)
Giuili, Maria Instructor x2731 FO-228
Koller, Bruce Instructor, Area Chair x2455 FO-209
Payan, Rose Marie Instructor FO-135
Ramoo, Ratha Instructor x2816 FO-217
Strosser, Stanley Instructor (part-time) x1535 FO-132
Young, Kevin Instructor (part-time) x1688 FO-262
Social Science (Political Science)
Araim, Amer Instructor (part-time) x1903 FO-237
Blair, Ted Instructor (part-time) x1658 FO-157
Cloward, Jeremy Instructor (part-time) x1693 FO-157
Dravland, John Instructor (part-time) x2516 FO256
Kropf, John Instructor (part-time) x2250 FO-134
Lomax, Ron Instructor (part-time) x1818 FO-237
MacDougall, Scott Instructor, Department and Area Chair x2868 FO-151
Mazzone, Dorene Instructor x2505 FO-216

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