Psychology - directory

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Doerr, Robert Instructor (part-time) FO
Oye, William Faculty FO155
Social Science (Psychology)
Akiyama, Mark Instructor x2495 FO-258
Bollich, Suzan Instructor (part-time) FO-135
Capozzo, Chris Instructor (part-time) FO-262
Chishty, Elham Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-153
Cross, Jerry Instructor (part-time) x2517 FO-237
Dannels, Lupe Counselor x2298 C-135
Feren, Laura Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Fournier, Teri Instructor, Area Chair x2496 FO-154
Freschi, Erin Instructor (part-time) FO-134
Hartshorn, Mary Beth Instructor x2305 FO-207
Idelson, Jeff Instructor (part-time) x1804 FO-262
Jannell, Elaina Instructor (part-time) FO-134
Krider, Dana Instructor (part-time) x1975 FO-157
Lerro, Bruce Instructor x2250 FO-136
Lundgren, Sue Instructor (part-time) x2299 C-120
McNeil-Jackson, Carmen Instructor (part-time)
McNeilly, Pamela Instructor x2611 FO-145
Mielke, Arthur Instructor (part-time) x1645 FO-256
O'Neal, Jennifer Instructor (part-time) FO
Outlaw, Jaseon Instructor (part-time) FO
Paul, Arvin Instructor (part-time) FO-134
Peterson, Ellen Instructor (part-time) x2794 FO-157
Rehr, Elane Instructor x2384 FO-156
Risbrough, Rick Faculty (Part-time) x2497 FO-150
Rode, Lee Instructor x2494 FO-144
Sacks, Colin Instructor (part-time) x2499 FO-136
Wilson, Robert Instructor (part-time)

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