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Faculty Funding:

The Faculty Professional Development Committee is happy to announce the good news that funding for 2013-2014 professional development activities is now available!

Please read and follow all directions very carefully when applying for funds and reimbursement.

This year's Faculty Development Committee has established the following funding guidelines:

1. Full and part time faculty may apply for reimbursement of a professional development activity up to a maximum of $700 per person.

2. Because demand outstrips supply, priority will be given to those who organize or present at conferences, and to those who did not receive professional development funds last year.

3. Your activity must meet one or more of the five broad goals for professional development that are listed on the application form.

4. Applications will be accepted for any activity that occurred July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

5. Since there is a limit to available funds, if you are a CTE faculty member, please pursue VTEA funding opportunities first.

6. Paperwork for reimbursement of approved activities must be submitted to Staff Development within two weeks of completing the activity.  Any exceptions to this deadline must be approved by Staff Development in advance.

7. The deadline for applying to the first round of approvals will be October 17, 2013. A portion of the funds  will be reserved for at least one additional round in early 2014.

8. Approval letters for this round of applications will be sent by November 1, 2013.

Complete the application and email it to Jessica Martin, or send hard copy to Jessica Martin in the Instruction Office (AB 214) with documentation about the event or conference.

2013-2014 Faculty Funding Application


Classified Funding:

The Classified Professional Development Committee has been hard at work refining the procedures for an application process to be used by individual classified staff support for conferences, seminars, or other professional development activities which would enhance your professional skills. The other portion of funds is to be reserved for department, area, or whole classified development activities yet to be developed.

These funds are for the current fiscal year only, so we hope you take advantage of this opportunity for training, education, and enhancement!

Please use the application (link below), to apply for funds enabling you to attend a conference, seminar, or other professional development activity that you have been wanting to attend!

The committee will meet monthly to review and consider applications, finalize decisions, and work on creating professional development opportunities for you all.  In an effort to give you plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements and reservations, applicants will be notified of the final decision not more than three (3) months prior to the event’s registration deadline.

Complete the application and email it to Jessica Martin, or send hard copy to Jessica Martin in the Instruction Office (AB 214).

2013-2014 Classified Funding Application


Management Funding:

*Stay tuned for details on 13-14 Management funding!

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