Student Leadership Development

The Student Life Office provides a wide variety of opportunities for DVC students to improve their awareness, knowledge, and skills related to leadership as well as many resources to do so.

Student Leadership Development
A key component of leadership development is practice! To better prepare students for leadership roles at DVC, in their communities, and in their future careers, the Student Life Office offers a wide variety of leadership development opportunities. Here at DVC, students can find leadership opportunities in:

The Student Life Office provides student leaders training to assist them in being effective in their different leadership roles. The ASDVC and ICC each have orientation retreats and training at the beginning of each semester to help members get to know each other, build a strong team, set goals and create action plans, become familiar with their organization's governing documents and budget, learn about their roles in shared governance, practice parliamentary procedure, and learn about further leadership development opportunities. If you would like assistance planning a retreat for your organization, contact the Student Life Manager to arrange it.

The Student Union Coordinator and Student Activities Coordinator are available to provide individual workshops for clubs on topics ranging from recruiting members, team-building, fund-raising, how to plan an event, goal-setting, diversity awareness, ethics, and how to run an effective meeting. If you have another topic you would like a presentation about, contact the Student Life Manager to arrange it. We are also happy to have individual consultations with club leaders and advisors regarding club issues.

In addition, there are many opportunities to develop valuable leadership skills and gain experience through other activities including:


Student Employment Training (SET) Program
Beginning in fall 2006, students seeking on-campus employment gained access to the on-line Student Employment Training program. This program is a collaborative effort between CalWORKS, Career Services, EOPS/Care, Financial Aid, Employment Services, Student Life and Workforce Development to provide education and training to students who seek on-campus employment.

The program is WebCT-based and covers pre-employment questions and issues, interviewing, employment goal-setting, employability ("soft") skills, workplace policies, and transitioning to new employment. The program will be required of all students seeking employment in Student Services departments at DVC and a manual will be provided to student employees. For more information, contact Career Development at ext. 2435.

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