Applied and Fine Arts - division directory

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Art and Photography
Bersamina, Leo Instructor (part-time) x2472 A-401
Brees, Claire Instructor (part-time) x1961 A-401
Breton, Hopi Instructor x2475 A-401
Brown, Fran Instructor (part-time) x2213 A-401
Cockrell, Darren Instructional Assistant x2469 A-201
Damiani, Luke Instructor (part-time) x2311 A-206
Dove, Stephen Instructor (part-time) x1827
Fisher, Jane Instructor x2925 A-102
Flores, Patricia Instructor (part-time) x1904 A-401
Foster, Rebecca Instructor (part-time) x2311 A-101
Glaze, Anna Instructor (part-time) x2311 A-106
Hellu, Jamil Instructor (part-time) x2473 A-501
Jackson, Alex Instructor (part-time) x1672 A-401
Kim, Sung Instructor (part-time) x2311 A-106
Koblik, Kristen Instructor x2811 A-401
Krup, Michele Instructor, Department Chair x2838 A-401
Ladewig Bronstein, Carol Instructor (part-time) A-401
Leisure, Jerry Instructor (part-time) x2213 A-401
Leonard, Michael Instructor (part-time) A-401
Lyons, Tarra Instructor (part-time) x1608 A-401
Marker, Chris Instructor (part-time) x1580 A-501
McDade, Karl Instructor x2226 A-401
McFarland, Sean Instructor (part-time) A-501
Montgomery, Lynette Instructor (part-time) x1572 A-401
Olson, Sean Instructor (part-time) x2311 A-206
Paganelli, Carla Instructor (part-time) x1993 A-401
Robinson, Lynn Instructor (part-time) x1824 A-106
Rodic, Vesna Instructor (part-time) A-106
Sugita, Toru Instructor x2893 A-102
Tandeta, Hannah Instructor (part-time) x1963 A-401
Thomas, Bill Instructor (part-time) A-501
Tsultem, Uranchimeg Instructor (part-time) x2311 A-106
Van Den Dool, Monica Instructor (part-time) x2311 A-206
Van Gorder, Neil Instructor (part-time) x2311 A-303
Wilson, Amy Instructor (part-time) x1871 A-401
Art and Photography (Digital Media)
Anderson, Ruth Instructor (part-time) x2711
Cohen, Eva Instructor (part-time)
Denning, Joann Instructor, Area Chair x2888 A-401
Hustrulid, Ginelle Instructor (part-time)
King, Arthur Scott Instructor (part-time) x2804 A-401
Leeper, Kevin Instructor (part-time) ATC-112A
Oakes, Fletcher Instructor (part-time)
Reno, Christopher Instructor (part-time) x2311 ATC-110
Sussberg, Jason Instructor (part-time) x2311 ATC-110
Art and Photography (Digital Media),Performing Arts (Film & BCA)
Guevara-Flanagan, Kristy Instructor x2840 ATC-110
Foreign Language
Abbott-Walker, Kristie Instructor (part-time)
Bany, Wilson Instructor x1956
Biasin, Giovanni Instructor (part-time)
Campbell, J. Instructor (part-time) x1544
Chaffey, Daniel Instructor (part-time) BFL-232
Chavdarian, Seda Instructor (part-time) x1518 FO-205
Downing, Linda Instructor (part-time) x1589 BFL-232
Enzminger, Jennifer Instructor (part-time) x1945 BFL-232
Fitzgerald, Amelia Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL205
Flanagan-Schmidt, Julia Instructor (part-time) x1546 BFL-232
Fournier, Elizabeth Instructor (part-time) x1676
Francia Biasin, Maria Rita Instructor (part-time) BFL-213
Grabow, Nancy Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL-205
Greller, Shiori Instructor (part-time) FO-208
Grzanka, Len Instructor (part-time) x1964 FO-250
Guo, Linda Instructor (part-time) x1979 BFL-232
Holland, Eyda Instructor (part-time) FO-205
Izquierdo, Isabel Instructor, Department Chair x2394 BFL-231
Kashi, Manijeh Instructor (part-time) x1506 FO-250
Kattan, Linda Instructor (part-time) BFL-205
Kovaleva, Lyudmila Instructor (part-time) BFL-205
Kumakura, Akihiko Instructor (part-time) x1699 FO-208
Libman, Klara Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL-205
Martinez, Claudia Instructor x2708 BFL-231
Nakatani, Ann Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL-205
Nezuka, Naomi Instructor x2062 BFL-228
Nobari, Parastou Instructor (part-time) x1514 BFL-232
Ojermark, Milagros Instructor x2709 BFL-233
Oksenendler, Susan Instructor (part-time) BFL-205
Robertson, Victoria Instructor (part-time) x2311 BFL205
Saldivar, Denise Instructor (part-time) Classroom
Salih, Hashim Instructor (part-time) x1914 FO-205
Seida, Mariko Instructor (part-time) x1657 BFL-205
Skilton, Susan Instructor (part-time) x1559 FO-208
Tamura, Bruce Instructor (part-time) x1596
Tian, Gong Instructor (part-time) x1909
Wilson, Bany Instructor (part-time) x1956 Classroom
Wu, Young-Ming Instructor (part-time) x1826 BFL-232
Foreign Language (Chinese)
Lin, Sheree Professor x2390 BFL-230
Humanities and Philosophy
Abele, Robert Instructor x2824 FO-211
Anker, Michael Instructor (part-time) FO-212
Dargahi, Aida Instructor (part-time) H-112
Erekuff, Paul Instructor (part-time) x2311 H-112
Ferrara, Megan Instructor (part-time) x1889 FO-126
Gullion, Todd Instructor (part-time) x2311 H-112
Hall, Henry Instructor (part-time) x1835 FO-117
Halm, Jacqueline Instructor, Department Chair x2883 FO-247
Kashani, Ali Instructor (part-time) x1571 FO-211
Marinelli, Rosaria Instructor (part-time) x1805 FO-158
Miller, Ruth Instructor x2728 FO-252
Pavesich, Vida Instructor (part-time) FO-250
Price, Christopher Instructor (part-time) x1691 FO-212
Sudduth, Michael Instructor (part-time) x2311 H-112
Van Vleet, Jacob Instructor (part-time) x1502 FO-212
Walensky, Michael Instructor (part-time) x2823 FO-117
Zupan, Stacey Instructor (part-time) x1599 FO-158
Aczon, Michael Instructor (part-time) M-136
Alburger, Mark Instructor (part-time) M-136
Allata, Rachid Instructor (part-time) M-126
Appell, Glenn Instructor x2510 M-118
Bairos, Monte Instructor x2389 M-202
Bendich, John Instructor (part-time) x1665
Bigelow, Virginia Instructor (part-time) x1959 Classroom
Cook, Bruce Instructor x2809 M-115
Cowart, Steed Instructor (part-time)
Creighton, Randall Instructor (part-time) x2311 Classroom
Dahl-Shanks, Deborah Instructor (part-time) x1836 Online
Emigh, Elizabeth Instructor (part-time) x2311 Classroom
Flores, Richard Instructor (part-time) Classroom
Forlin, Gino Instructor (part-time) x1513
Kamprath, Richard Instructor (part-time) x1872
Kester, Nancie Instructor (part-time) x1825
Kuderna, Jerome Instructor (part-time) M-117
Lee, Owen Instructor x2809 M-116
Lewis, Daniel Instructor (part-time)
Michael, Doug Instructor (part-time) x2903 M-136
Moufarrej, Guilnard Instructor (part-time) x1847 Classroom
Oakley, Ashley Instructor (part-time) x2311 Classroom
Peppo, Bret Instructor, Department Chair x2713 M-118
Pricco, Evelyn Instructor (part-time) x1935
Sage, Stephen Instructor (part-time) Classroom
Scholz, Steven Instructor (part-time) x2311 Classroom
Simons, Mark Instructor (part-time) Classroom
Snyder, Rory Instructor x2452 M-117
Steidel, Mark Instructor x2657 M-105
Tsang, Dale Instructor (part-time) x1845
White, Timothy J. Instructor (part-time) x1660 M-136
Wolter, Bill Instructor (part-time)
Performing Arts
Bauer, Deborah Instructor (part-time) x2311 PAC
Performing Arts (Drama)
Diestler, Nicole Instructor x2787 PAC-119
Dildine, Doug Instructor (part-time) x1980 PAC-122
Heiden, Scott Theater Staging Specialist x2222 PA-123
Hein, Ken Instructor (part-time)
Maginnis, Tara Theatrical Costume Design Specialist (part-time) x2380 PAC-1
McBrien, Beth Instructor, Area Chair x2264 PA-127
Roster, Joel Student Services Instructional Support Coordinator (hourly) x2337 PAC-208
Springhorn, Will Instructor (part-time) PAC-122
Trujillo, Ed Instructor x2224 PA-120
Weible, Ryan Instructor (part-time) x1555 PAC-208
Performing Arts (Film and BCA)
Loden, Frances Instructor (part-time) x1581 A/V Lab
O'Neill, Barbara Instructor (part-time) x1501 Media Center
Olson, Gerald Instructor (part-time) PAC-203
Seidler, Eleanor Instructor (part-time) x4390 AA-117I
Siler, Megan Instructor (part-time) x1865 PAC-206
Skloot, Tal Instructor (part-time) x1878 Classroom
Valentine, Kenneth Instructor (part-time) x1972 FO-250
White, Ken Instructor, Area Chair x2468 PA-204
Performing Arts (Speech)
Byrns, Jim Instructor (part-time) x1829 PA-203
Dreibelbis, Gary Instructor (part-time) PAC-103
Hanecak, John Instructor x2747 PAC-205
Hunter, Kimberlee Instructor (part-time) x1597 PAC-201
Lema, Laurie Instructor x2767 FO-152
Matsumoto, Gordon Instructor (part-time) x1992 PAC-202
Moe, Patrick Instructor, Area Chair x2869 PA-210
Opsata, Becky Instructor x2835 PAC-207
Padilla, Shannon Instructor x2346 PAC-201
Phalen, Paul Instructor (part-time) x2501 PAC-103
Schaefer, Brian Instructor x1834 PAC-210
Simas, Elizabeth Instructor (part-time) x1690 PA-206
Slabaugh, Danielle Instructor (part-time) PAC-206
Storer, Steven Instructor (part-time) x1885 PAC-211
Zell, Erik Instructor (part-time) x1567 PAC-201

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