Biological and health sciences - division directory

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Biological Science
Balelo, Sandy Science Lab Tech II x2269 LHS-204
Bloom, Karen Instructor (part-time) LHS-203
Brager, Lisa Science Laboratory Coordinator x2400 LHS-204
Bruce, Douglas Instructor (part-time) LHS-203
Bush, Belinda Instructor (part-time) x1549 SC-308
Carrasco, Mark Instructor (part-time) SC-100
Chandra, Maitreyee Instructor (part-time) LHS-204
Chiarappa-Zucca, Marina Instructor (part-time) LHS-208
Clarke, Cathy Instructor (part-time) x1971 LHS-109
Co, Elizabeth Instructor (part-time) x2400 SC-202
Cortez, Shirley Science Lab Technician II -Microbiology x2557 LHS-204A
Dixon, Martha Instructor x2803 LHS-209
Duwe, Axel Instructor x2317 LHS-203D
Faraday, Kathleen Instructor x2758 SC-203
Fisher, Bunny Instructor (part-time) LHS
Florance, Clayton Instructor (part-time) LHS-202
French, Tanya Instructor (part-time) x1607 LHS-206
Gamal, Arif Instructor (part-time) LHS-203
Gard, Karen Instructor x2444 LHS-225
Gelinas, Rick Instructor, Department Chair x2509 LHS-214
Ghafari, Ghazal Instructional Lab Coordinator (hourly) LHS-116
Goto, Dora Instructor (part-time) LHS
Gotto, Dora Instructor (part-time) LHS
Hoffmann, James Instructor x2521 LHS-221
Lee, Matt Instructor (part-time) LHS-203
Machalinski, Catherine Instructor x2406 SC-304
Martins, Shaun Instructor (part-time) x2400 SC-206
Matern, Scott Instructor (part-time) LHS-201
Miller, Nancy Instructor (part-time) x1843 SC-202
Mongold, Santina Instructor (part-time) SC-204
Montelius, Lynn Instructor (part-time) x2230 LHS-223
Parkinson, Susan Instructor (part-time) LHS-217
Perez-Yanez, Isabel Instructor (part-time) x2808 LHS-210
Rooker, Carol Instructor (part-time) LHS-202
Sank, Sherry Instructor SC-302
Taugher, Kimberly Instructor x2234 SC-310
Timpe, Leslie Instructor (part-time) LHS-223
Tsao, Jeffrey Instructor (part-time) SC
Tyson, Diane Instructor (part-time) LHS
Vandepol, Dirk Instructor (part-time) LHS-202
Weitzel, Gabriele Instructor x2834 SC-303
Willsie, Julia Instructor (part-time) LHS
Biological Science (Horticulture)
Black, Bethallyn Instructor (part-time) OH-101
Echols, Kathy Instructor (part-time) x1958 OH-101
Kluber, Frank Instructor (part-time) x1679 OH-101
Michael Langmoreland Instructor x2433/2478 LS-202
Winchester, Stewart Instructor (part-time) x1864 OH-101
Biological Science (Nutrition)
DeMarco, Helen Instructor, Area Chair x2013 SC-311
Sawrey-Kubicek, Lisa Instructor (part-time) x1882 SC-305
Schuman, Miriam Instructor (part-time) LHS-223
Biological Science (Oceanography)
Freytag, John Instructor, Area Chair x2401 LHS-117
Tobias, Vanessa Instructor (part-time) LHS
Biological Sciences
Young, Cristina Instructor (part-time) LHS
Dental Assisting
Boyd, Linda Instructor, Department Chair x2420 LHS-112
Pineda, Marylou Instructor x2351 LHS-108
Dental Hygiene
Day, Victoria Instructor x2774
Gardner, Tia Dental Administrative Secretary x2356 LHS-102
Lang, Gwen Instructor (part-time) x1873 LHS-101
Ortega, Elena Instructor (part-time) x2356 LHS-101
Pineschi-Petty, Adina Instructor (part-time) x2356 LHS-101
Pope-Lane, Yvonne Instructor (part-time) LHS-101
Powers, Pam Instructor x2358 LHS-103
Steeb, Tonette Instructor (part-time) LHS-101
Teel, Gay Instructor, Department Chair x2345 LHS-109
Thompson, Jody Instructor (part-time) LHS-101
Triplett, Janice Instructor (part-time) LHS-101
Tsang, Joan Instructor (part-time) x2356 LHS-101
Dental Technology
Carter, Hilton Instructor, Department Chair x2353 LHS-115A
Health Science
Brostrand, Heather Instructor (part-time) LHS-210
Colchico, Kristen Instructor x2665 SC-309
Hammar, Kris Instructor x2407 SC-307
Muller, Beverly Instructor
Pratt, L. Darlene Instructor (part-time) LHS-210
Riccio, M. M. Instructor x1969 SC-303
Rittenhouse, Amanda Instructor x1820 SC-303
Weber, Wendy Instructor x2899 PE
Health Science (Addiction Studies)
Hewitt, Barbara Instructor, Addiction Studies Coordinator, Department Chair x2808 SC-308
Wapner, Donna Instructor x2467 SC-306
Physical Science and Engineering, Biological and Health Science
Goralka, Ray Dean (Interim) x2359 LHS-211

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