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Special Education

What is the special education paraprofessional program?

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The Diablo Valley College special education paraprofessional program prepares students for a rewarding career working in a variety of education and rehabilitation settings with people who have disabilities.

The program is designed to provide students with the practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to:

• assist students with disabilities in kindergarten through grade 12th

• assist children and adults with disabilities in residential care facilities

• assist children and adults with disabilities in non-profit and for-profit agencies.

Students will learn about disabilities, gain an historical perspective on how the laws have changed over the years, learn teaching strategies for the special education paraprofessional, study psychology and child development, and gain practical occupational work experience.

Students are also given the opportunity to choose related courses of special interest from a wide choice of topics.

Why consider the special education paraprofessional program?

Those who work in the field of special education enjoy a challenging and rewarding career providing a greatly needed service to individuals with disabilities and to the community.

As a result of general population growth and an escalating number of students with disabilities, and also due to recent legislation governing the skills required for special education workers, there is a growing demand for a highly trained workforce with the skills gained from this program.

Recent statistics indicate that there is an inadequate supply of qualified special education paraprofessionals to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in the state of California. Nationwide, special educators are also in immediate demand.

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