Information Technology and Services

Information technology

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Computer Services (Computer Center)
Bhuiyan, Rafiqul Computer and Network Technician II x2422/2266 L-112
Ebrat, Yosuf Computer Center Technician II (hourly) x2068 L-147
Ryanen-Grant, Nancy Computer Center Coordinator x2541 L-147
Wilson, Joan Computer Center Technician II (hourly) x2068 L-147
Wilson, Peggy Computer Center Technician II x2068/2541 L-147
Computer Services (Computer and Network)
Oswald, Ed Computer and Network Specialist x2739 L-112
Computer Services (Help Desk)
Vohs, John Computer and Network Technician (hourly) x2245 L-112
Computer Services (Web Applications)
Gorur, Triveni Web Application Specialist x2189 ATC-108A
Leong, Leslie Web Administrator x2354 AB-223
Peavler, Jeanette Web Application Developer I x2596 ATC-107A
Computer Services and Media Services
Roper, Percy Technology Systems Manager x2355 ATC-101
Information Technology and Services
DVC Help Desk DVC Help Desk x2245 L-112
Media Services
Bradley, Mark Media Services Specialist II x2254 L-100
Faust, Jessica Office Assistant I (hourly) x2240 L-100
Jewell, Jeff Media Services Technician II x2249 L-110
Lento, Guy Audio Technician x2087 L-108
Lieber, Leo Media Services Technician II x2999 L-110
Wasmund, Christine Media Services Coordinator x2240 L-100
Woodruff, Richard Electronics Specialist - Video x2256 L-154
Yuschenkoff, Mikel Media Services Technician II x2251 L-121

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