Computer labs
Campus computer labs

DVC maintains over 40 computer labs throughout the Pleasant Hill campus and the San Ramon campus. Most labs have late-model, Windows XP computers with the standard software base of Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. They are protected by industry-standard Norton Antivirus software, and maintained by Deep Freeze disk imaging software.

Some labs are "open labs", where students can use the computers for class-related work outside of class time. Sometimes open labs are reserved for scheduled classes, during which time the computers are all reserved for class.

Other labs are for regularly-scheduled class use only. A few labs are service-oriented, open only to students using a particular DVC service.

Advanced Technology Center
Business Education
Computer Center
Counseling Center


  • LC-105 (English tutoring center)
  • LC-202 (English writing lab)

Foreign Language
High Tech Center DSS
  • SSC-250 (Disabled student services)

Life Science
Music Technology
Physical Science
Student Union
Transfer Center


Instructors: Look on the U: drive in the website/computer-labs folder for the guide PDFs for using labs. They tell everything an instructor needs to know about using a lab.


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