How do I use a late add code?

What is a late add code? A late add code is a 4-digit number that is given to you by your instructor on the first class meeting. You may use this number to register online using WebAdvisor or in-person at the Admissions Office, after your course begins.

When would I need a late add code? If a class is closed or you did not register before it begins, you will need a late add code to add the course. The instructor may give you a late add code if s/he has room in their course.

Where can I get a late add code? You can get a late add code from the instructor of the course. The best way to contact the instructor is to attend the first class meeting. If the instructor has room for another student, s/he may provide you with a late add code. Email your instructor for the late add code if you are taking an online class.

What if the instructor doesn’t give me a late add code? If the instructor doesn't give you a late add code that means the class if closed/full and no more students can add the course. If there is room in the class and the instructor gives you permission to enroll, s/he has the option of issuing a late add code or signing your schedule request form. If s/he signs your schedule request form you must register in person at the Admissions Office.

What do I do with the late add code? You can use your late add code to register online using WebAdvisor, which is a convenient alternative to standing in long lines at Admissions at the start of the semester.

When can I register using my late add code? Your late add code will be activated on the first day of the course and expires the last day to add that course.

Can I register in person with a late add code?  You should register using WebAdvisor, online registration, immediately upon receipt of the late add code.  The Admissions Office can assist you in the event you encounter a problem, such as a prerequisite, or unresolvable login issue.

Will my late add code expire? Yes. Late add codes expire on midnight of the last day to add the course. The last day to add a summer or short -term course could be the first day of the course so check with your instructor or Admissions and Records for deadlines to add.

Can my late add code be used to register in a different course? No. Each late add code is linked to the section number of the course. It will not work on any other course.

Can I give my late add code to another student? No. The instructor records the name and ID number of the student s/he issued the late add code to. If a different student appears on the roster that was not issued a late add code, the instructor will drop that student from the course.

Can I register for a closed class using a late add code? Yes, if the instructor allows you in the class by giving you a late add code you will be able to register for the course even though it's closed.

If I am on the wait list do I need a late add code? If you are on the wait list you will need to attend the first class meeting of the course to see if you are granted permission to enroll. If the instructor has room, s/he will give you a late add code which you can use to register in the course.

If I register in person, do I need both the late add code and signature? No. You must register in person if you only have an instructor signature. If you have a late add code, you can register online using WebAdvisor.


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