Academic policies

Students are expected to attend all class meetings, regardless of whether or not the instructor takes attendance. Students who miss more than two weeks of a term-length course may be dropped by the instructor. Students must contact the instructor directly to inform them of an absence. The college cannot relay such messages.

Attendance at the first class meeting
If a student wishes to secure a place in class, he or she must attend the first class meeting. The instructor may drop students who do not attend the first class meeting, thereby opening a space for students wishing to add the course. If students do not attend the first class meeting, it is still their responsibility to officially drop the class.

Field trips
If participating in a class field trip or other college sponsored activity causes a student to miss other classes, there will not be a penalty for the absence providing the work is made up and the student notifies the instructor in advance of the absence.

Leave of absence
Students who need to take a leave of absence during the term should ask a counselor for a petition and then receive written approval from their instructor and the vice president of student services. A leave of absence is limited to ten instructional days. Instructors may drop students who have been absent for the equivalent of two weeks of instruction without an approved leave of absence.

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