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Health Science


HSCI-127 Drugs, Health and Society - (SC) - 3 Units


Hewitt, Barbara

Recommended: ENGL-116/118 or equivalent

Note: Online course. All instruction will will be online. Go to for course access information.







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3 Units

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HSCI-127 Drugs, Health and Society
3 unit(s)        SC
  • 54 hours Lecture per term
  • Recommended: ENGL-116/118 or equivalent
This course introduces concepts, theories, epidemiology and toxicology of substance abuse and its relevance to personal and public health. The biological, psychological and social effects of drug use on the health of individuals and on society is emphasized. Students will be introduced to concepts such as substance use versus misuse, abuse and dependence, and will learn about the risk factors, signs and symptoms, mental illnesses, treatments and prevention theories associated with addiction. The pharmacological classification of psychoactive substances, illicit and licit, and their neurological and physiological effects on the human brain will be explored. An extensive analysis of health statistics identifying trends of usage, dependency, and the controversies around the social, political, and economic factors related to the legal and illegal distribution, marketing and government regulation of drugs is also covered. Current options for recovery and local resources will be reviewed. C-ID PHS 103, CSU, UC (credit limits may apply to UC - see counselor)

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